10 Business Ideas with Almost Zero Investment

Fast pace life and growing economy make us insecure about life when the income is not up to the mark. There are several ideas that can work for a decent income by working at home independently. These part time ventures without any hefty investment can certainly relieve you from the financial tension.

10 Business Ideas with Almost Zero Investment

zero investment business

  1. Pet Sitting
  2. Bookkeeping Services
  3. Management of an association
  4. Online venture
  5. Consulting service
  6. Food joint
  7. Real Estate Agent
  8. Home Made Jewellery
  9. House Cleaning
  10. Game Zones

Now let us have a look at the top 10 business ideas with zero invest in detail:

Pet sitting

pet sitting services

With very less investment you can start a pet sitting facility at your home. The venture can help a lot of super busy people as you can take care of their pets while they are away. The payment is quite reasonable too.

Bookkeeping services

If you have a basic knowledge of accounting then you can use your expertise to the small businesses and help them manage their accounts as a freelancer. Routine bill payment and data entry is a fair part of the job description and you may not have to work for hours every day.

Management of an association

Every now and then new associations form based on common interests and communities. These groups need a lot of paper work to handle and other grounds to cover. You can manage the administrative part of groups if you have a little experience about management.

Online venture

start a blog

If you are good at something then you can start your own blog or sell the knowledge as a course. Prepare premium contents on a particular mastered subject and earn by charging for the material.

Consulting service

This is one of the best plans that you can adopt. Try to think of something that you can do best and people will pay for the service. Consulting services are very prospective if you have apt skill in your quiver. People are earning extra bucks by consulting in the educational, property, marriage, legal, media and other fields.

Food joint

If you are an eminent cook then you can start your own joint in your residence in front of the garage. You have all the necessary utensils and have to do a little investment to buy the raw materials. Find out a relishing recipe for which people will kill. Make it good enough and the environment proper so that the customers will get attracted and enjoy every time they pass by.

Real estate agent

no investment business

Finding a proper home can be difficult for someone who is new in the area. You can start an agency to aid the newcomers. Prepare some fliers or cards with your proper details so that the prospective owners of properties can contact you. You will bridge the gap between the owners and the clients and earn handsome commission from every successful turn out.

Homemade jewelry

Customized homemade jewelry is very popular these days as they do not resemble with the assembly line products. You can start developing your own jewelry shop and invent designs that are different. You can start selling them directly to the neighbors and send them to the outlets, boutiques, gift shops, etc and earn extra cash. The venture needs very little investment.

House cleaning

house cleaning

If you are careful about cleanliness and hygiene then this idea can be a good option. All you need for this venture is some good utilities and start your own cleaning service. Set a charge list and reach out to the firms that provide prospective addresses for the service. Cleaning, polishing and dusting offices and houses can provide you good amount of commission.

Gaming zones

game zones

This might ask for a little investment but gaming zones with vintage games and contemporary consoles can be a good decision to go with. Add some refreshment corners like snacks, ice cream and soft drink and make good money.

These ideas can help you earn and fill the void you are suffering financially. Trust your instinct and go with the idea that suits you best.

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