10 Home Based Business Ideas in India

Being independent is the best gift one can give to himself. The same stands true when one can become absolutely independent earner from his or her own venture. Entrepreneurship is quite an appealing option that today’s population is trying to pursue. But we must admit that being an entrepreneur not only has its own perks but comes with the demand of good effort round the clock.

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10 Home based Business Ideas

Below are 10 great business ideas with affordable investment that you can apply to earn your livelihood.

  1. Franchising
  2. Online Store
  3. Event management
  4. Games Parlor
  5. Online Blogging
  6. Relaxation Centre
  7. Teaching Centre
  8. Fitness Centre
  9. Catering Service
  10. Baby Sitting


This is the way where you can effectively use the brand names that are already established in the market. But sometimes taking becoming a franchisee with a known brand might be a matter of breaking a fortune. On the contrary there is some great small investment franchising that you can avail like ice cream parlors, ayurvedic products, crèche, etc.

Online store

One of the best ideas where you can work and earn from home is selling products or services in e-commerce websites. The venture saves a lot of resources like rent, maintenance of a showroom. The virtual shop can give you a good source of income when you go with popular products or custom made products of your own.

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Event management

Become a local event planner. Find out unique themes for weddings, birthdays, anniversary, corporate gatherings, etc and manage the events. You can work it out from home by using the contacts of good suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, catering services, etc. In fact you can convert one of your rooms into a small office and manage your clients.

Games parlor

If you have extra space to spare then you can go with this cool idea of opening a games parlor and keep unique, vintage and contemporary games for the youth. Add some refreshment section in the corner. Design a cool place for the youths to hang out.

Online blogging

If you have good skills to write content that everyone will appreciate, initiate your own blogging site and make it attractive. Talk about contemporary problems and provide effective solutions to them by doing good research. This small effort can give you good returns in the future if done diligently.

Relaxation centre

It is more like a non-alcoholic parlor where friends can hang out and chats over some snacks or coffee. Have some common beverages (non alcoholic) and snacks bar with the space and install some interesting board games. You can have a pool table, carom boards, etc too to make the place even more interesting.

Teaching centre

In India one of the most profitable businesses is education. Parents will be happy to find a good spot where eminent teachers impart education to their children. Find good quality teachers and start a collaborative education centre. Do a little campaign and gather students. Provide standard specific education and make it more interactive by adding modern electronics like projector, computers and a small, library.

Fitness centre

Don’t go for the modern fitness centers with all the high grade equipments. You can start a yoga center with an easy investment plan. Promote your service and have good yoga instructors so that it can attract prospects. Add some other interactive fitness classes and a corner for healthy drinks.

Catering service

If you are a good cook and have certain friends who can lend their expertise too, start a food joint in your home. Locals will love the special homemade dishes at affordable prices. In fact later you can increase your domain to catering services for small events and supply good food.

Baby sitting

People are getting tremendously busy these days and they need to take care of their babies. Provide a good service by recruiting quality employees at flat prices.

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