10 small business ideas for women

To start a business or work from home has become a common interest for many people especially women. Women who prefer to be independent but due to marital issues or young kids may not be able to go office can certainly start their own business with or without any investment. If you have some hobby or good at something that you think world can appreciate then go ahead and use it for your business. Be your own boss and start earning a good income by using the right strategies.

business for women

Small Business idea for Women – Amazon FBA

If you have much stuff at home which is of no use to you, then you can try opening your business by joining Amazon FBA. It is a program where you can sell your stuff on Amazon to the person who really needs it. Amazon has got a warehouse where you can sell the stuff directly.  Once your any old item gets sold, Amazon will pick and ship it and give it to the dealer. This is one good way to earn money by simply sitting at home.

Freelance Writing

If you love writing or have different thoughts running in your mind which you want to share it with other people, then start earning by writing. This job requires a good knowledge about internet connection, right way to do a good research and write the topics which can help the people gain knowledge. It is the best way to earn money quickly.

Be a tutor

One of the most flexible businesses that women can start with is definitely tutoring. All you need is a good knowledge about a particular subject which you can teach to the young fellows. You can start with online tutoring option where your children can attend the classes after school hours. It is the most convenient business opportunity you can ever come across.

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Baking and decorating Cake and cupcake

If you have a talent of cooking and baking and people who taste your food don’t stop licking their fingers, then show your skills to other people as well. Baking cake is not an easy job as it requires special skills and a good talent. There is never death to this business as people are always looking for cakes for different celebration and occasion or special events.

Pet Sitting

Pet lover, you definitely can start this business. It does not require any kind investment. If you already have a pet and know how to treat hit nicely then this job will not be challenging for you. Often times, to keep in a hostel are difficult for many working people. You can start you business of pet sitting at an affordable value for people who generally needs to only keep their pet during their working hours.

Design clothing in your own way

Internet can be your good guide to start a business like this. There are many designs and styling techniques which you can derive from internet and create custom clothing and sell it. To begin with this, you can start with baby clothing and sell them on internet or to your family members and friends who have little kids.

Baby Daycare

If you love kids and have a knack to handle them, then this business can work pretty well for you. You simply need to take care of babies, change their diapers, and give them food. Engage them in activities till their parents arrive. Remember, this job more than investment requires patience.

Be an event planner

If you have good creative ideas and know to how manage this well for a successful event then try for event planning. This business requires less investment but more of good strategies and creativity.


If you have already done a good course or holds a good knowledge about right diet for the right patient whether diabetic, obese or BP person, then start this business at home and earn good.

Small business idea for women artists – Sell your paintings

This business is best suitable for the people who are born artist and have this amazing talent to create some mind blowing paintings. A real person would understand your paintings and you can earn pretty good by selling even one painting.

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