11 Qualities of a Good English Medium School

There is no doubt that in today’s world professional success of any individual is highly dependent on one attribute that is, proficiency in English language. For that our schooling plays an important role. Looking in past two decades, Indian cities, small or big have seen mushrooming of English medium schools. But what is of grave importance is the quality these schools possess, and here we will see 11 such qualities that will make any English medium school worth to attend.

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Curriculum that will bring the best out of your child

This is a very tricky business to examine the quality of any school curriculum. The best way is to look for some simple benchmarks. A good English curriculum will have literature, poetry grammar and English writing sections, if you find these basic things then the first filtration process is done.

Grammar is not just a subject!

Here grammar is considered a very serious area where no compromise is accepted. Apart from regular grammar classes students are trained in such a way that they are made professional with   grammar in verbal and written form.

Not just read it, speak it.

Apart for regular class training students are motivated to use English a tool of communication. It is made compulsory to speak in English during class hours. This approach is simply based on the principal of ‘learning by doing’.

Learning outside class

For all round growth of any student extracurricular activities play a very important role. These include dance, music, plays, debates and declamation competitions which will fill a student with confidence and will reduce stage fear.

Code of Conduct

Schooling is different from other form of education institutes. Here you just don’t engage in formal classroom work but also learn the importance of discipline. If the school is able to impart these qualities then the overall growth of a student is guaranteed.

Sports and other physical activity

In order to embed leadership qualities participation in sports is must. School making these activities compulsory allows students to bring the best out of them in the playing field.

Computer Education

In today’s world apart from theoretical knowledge any student will require good computer skills to excel in any field. A good school must have a proper computer lab and teaching staff for the same.

Smart Classes

In the modern era the world have moved from just exploring the books to a much advance form of learning which uses visuals and audio for learning purposes. If a school is providing smart classes for the same purpose then it becomes easy to learn and classes become more interesting.

Educational trips

Educational trips not just add to the fun but also allow students to have a whole sum experience of various historical and cultural sites.

Rich Library

A good library is very important as it provides students to extend their wings beyond the normal school curriculum. Students can get access to various magazines, news papers, and other books which enhance their knowledge in other areas.


A good school have spacious class rooms, playgrounds, children parks, auditorium and indoor sports complex which will make sure that no aspect of fun and learning is missing.

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