5 Things you can do to avoid being fired from your job

The market around is tough for youngsters. Especially with the given crisis for jobs in the developing countries, after graduation or post-graduation finding your dream job is really a herculean task. After such toils and pains of getting your job, it would be a nightmare for you to be fired. So here, we provide you with certain advises, that might help you to sustain your job.

5 Major Reasons why people lose their job

Before discussing the 5 things you can do to avoid getting sacked from your job, let me tell you the major reasons because of which people lose their job.

  1. Frequent leaves.
  2. Coming late to office on regular basis.
  3. Clash with your team leader
  4. Not caring about intimating the HR/your reporting manager, if you are late.
  5. If your knowledge and skills does not fit company’s current requirements.
  6. The company is running in loss.

Now, we need to understand that there are certain things that we can take care of and there are some factors that are not in our control. The first four points that I have mentioned in this post can be taken care. You can really avoid getting sacked because of these reasons. However, this fifth point is partially in our hand. We can also take care of it by upgrading ourselves as per the current/future requirements. If you are into IT field, have a look at these skills that will boost your technical knowledge and make you a better employee.

On the other hand, if the company is running on loss and they decide to sack you, nothing can be done about it. It is better to accept it, not cry about it, and start looking for a new job. Since you are experienced, it should not take you much time to find a new job.

What you should do to avoid being fired from your job

Now, since you have already seen the major reasons for someone a job, it is needless to say, you should try not to do any of these. We can now have a look at the 5 things we can do to avoid being fired from your job.

save your job

Listen to your boss always


Your boss is the route to your success and the route for you being fired. Your boss is the direct contact to your employer. Whatever you do in the office, is reported to your employer, through your boss. It is better to know your boss well and act accordingly. I would suggest you to know your boss in details, it will also help you in establishing your viewpoints in matters, if you share a good rapport with him/her.

Attend work regularly


Punctuality creates an impression. Reaching the office before your boss, coming regularly, and leaving the premises after your boss leaves is essential. Unnecessary breaks and holidays are never appreciated as such. If you attend to your boss whenever required, and do your job efficiently producing better outcomes, it automatically creates an unseen benefit.

Show your leadership skills


The world believes in dynamics. So keep changing your working ideals and habits. Look for better ways to improve in your field. Keep yourself updated. Be useful to the company and prove yourself to be worthy enough to be questioned. Always be flexible to new ideas. Be tech- friendly. In this way, you can create good impression among your colleagues and boss.

Avoid making enemies


If you really do not want to lose your job, never make enemies. Don’t be too loud and arrogant with your colleagues and don’t trust anyone too much. Stay away from office politics. Sometimes people can be jealous of your success and hence can back stab you. You may end up facing humiliating situations also.

Abide by the rule book



Office is your place of work, were the ambiance requires you to be professional. Idle gossips, pranks, being over friendly with colleagues and substance abuse should very much be avoided. Every office follows certain protocols, which the employees should be well aware. You should make yourself thorough with the rule book and never try to deviate from them. This would save you from landing up in serious problems.

Signs you are being fired – Always keep a look on these signs

Keep a look on the warning signs of getting fired, which are :

a. They have started ignoring you.

b. You are not into loop anymore.

c. Your responsibilities are given to someone else.

d. Your co workers have started behaving strangely with you.

e. Your boss has become more aggressive in recent time.

Be warned, if you see any of these happening to you. I have already mentioned the ways by which how you can save your job.

Try to give your best and work on the ways I have mentioned in this post. But, beware! Do not over think. Sometimes you may feel paranoid because of all these negativities. Make sure, you don’t worry too much as it can have a negative effect on the way you perform. So you need to surround yourself with positivities. Give your best, and everything should be fine.

It is high time to take up responsibilities and save your job because there is a rat race going outside where you need to prove yourself every second.

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