7 Career opportunities for MBA students

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a business program which covers different subjects such as human resource, finance, and marketing. It prepares the students for trade, general and management business career which are conducted at global level. Such program also offers good internship opportunities which are organized by the well known companies. This gives students a good experience in business with better standards. To enroll for this program, an individual must hold a bachelors degree in any stream from a known college. Such program can lead to different careers such as chief executive officer and management analyst. Let us take a look at career opportunities for MBA students.

MBA career opportunties

Management Consultant

Management consultant is responsible to increase the margin of the profit, make workers more efficient and increase the standard of business. If the individual had chosen the specialized subject in international business, it gives him a good opportunity to travel abroad. Such consultants are hired by companies who wish to improve their company’s infrastructure.

Annual package of an Management Consultant: The annual package of an analyst starts from Rs 5, 00,000/- and is expected to rise as the individual gives a good performance.

HR Manager

From past few years, the demand for this job has increased considerable. This demand is more in human resources departments of the organizations. The ideal job of the person performing this role is to hire and recruit the real talents who can be the part of organizational growth. HR manager also has to work closely with the executives and make a strategic planning for the organization.  A good internship in a reputed company with an MBA degree can give an individual a great salary package at the time of joining itself.

Annual package of a HR Manager: The annual package of HR Manager is Rs 6,00,000/- with 13% growth to be expected every year.

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Administrative Service Manager

Administrative Service Manager is another reputable job that an MBA student can seek for. It also offers the assistance of international companies and gives a good opportunity to work on reputable companies operation. The role of administrative service manager includes distribution, mailing, data processing and scheduling. The manager also needs to plan well on different techniques that can save more energy and maintain transportation price of the company.

Annual package of an Administrative Service manager: The annual package of administrative service manager is around Rs 4, 00,000/- with 12% hike every year.

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Product and Brand Managers

An MBA student is the best suited for the role of product and brand manager. The brand manager has to coordination and look at the different division of corporation to make sure that product reaches to the market on time with great efficiency. The person has to also focus on the market and product development.

Annual package of Product and Brand Managers: The annual package of product and brand manager is Rs 7,00,000/- per year.

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Chief Executive Officer

If the person has an MBA degree with a good experience of working in business, then this can be a great job opportunity. As a chief executive officer, the person has to often travel abroad for business work and thus improve the value of business in the market. He also needs to work with top executives and ensure that company’s policies are properly set.

Annual package of a CEO: The annual package of chief executive officer is Rs 8, 00,000/- year with a great hike every year.

ERP Consultant

In this job, the individual needs to undertake the responsibility of understanding the process of the business and should help the customers know about the same. The person needs to implement the packaged ERP software such as SAP once the necessary changes are made.

Annual package of an ERP Consultant: The annual package of ERP Consultant is 7, 00,000/- per year.

Teach at a college

If you have a career interest in teaching and have done B.ED and MBA both, then you have a great scope of working as a teacher in reputable college. Apply for the university in the areas in which you hold a good experience.

Annual package of an MBA Teacher: The annual package of that a teacher is Rs 4, 00,000/- with a good hike every year.

With more students choosing MBA programs, it has become important for alumni to help them select the right career path and ensure career progression

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