9 Tips to help you Prepare for GATE

Not only the hard work and right direction but also a strong determination is required to clear the GATE exam. We would list some of the tips that will help to prepare for GATE:

Think mentally that you can succeed

Your mental preparation is very important to see yourself succeeding. You have made up your mind to clear the GATE exam, and then just water this seed of GATE. Have faith in yourself that you have the zest to clear it and you will clear it any cost. If you prepare yourself mentally, your physical activities will give you a boost to clear it.

Understand the whole process of GATE

Once you are prepared mentally, try to understand what the process of GATE is completely like why you are giving this exam, its syllabus, eligibility criteria, the pattern of the exam, any new thing that update last year or in this year. Just try to get every information about this exam.

Focus on the syllabus

Focusing on the syllabus and understanding various subjects and chapters covered under the syllabus is very important to know your current status to clear the exam. Look for the study material and try to collect the notes of the complete syllabus. If you find it tough to prepare yourself look for the coaching centers. If none of these methods working out, then you may look for the online study material or online courses.

Make your Timetable

To be very clear, GATE is not that easy, you need to be serious enough and set your timetable to be followed seriously. You must finish your subject’s preparation 45 days prior to your exam date and leave those last 45 days for the revision and Mock tests. Most of the people work till here and don’t follow the time-table. This is the biggest mistake that they do at this level. Make sure you challenge yourself to complete the syllabus according to the Time table else you will really find it difficult to clear the exam.

Focus on concepts

Your focus should be on clearing the concepts and not on completing the syllabus. The questions that are asked in the exam are from the syllabus only but a bit tricky so you need to understand the concept first. Refer to the books of the authors you like the most and try to study chapters concept-wise.

Start making your notes for last 45 days

Don’t forget to make notes of the things you find important like formulas and some laws. These notes should be revised at the time of revision.

Take test before GATE

Mock test is available online or from coaching centers that prepare you to attempt the exam as your real GATE Exam. These tests will give you a brief idea about your strengths and weakness so that you can focus on the area where your level is low.

Analyze your Time table from time to time

Always check if you are moving with the time table or not. This will help you increase or decrease your speed to prepare for the test.

Prepare your GATE Exam Kit before Exam to avoid last minute rush

Try to devote your preparation months solely for the preparation and not for any other activity like watching TV or playing games. These things are secondary and can be enjoyed once you clear the GATE entrance Exam.

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