How much does an Architect Earn? Freshers and Experienced

Architecture is such a profession where one can earn as much as one wants, provided they are ready to put in the required amount of work. The last decade has seen the rise in the requirement for luxury accommodations, shopping malls,  iconic buildings, renovations, modern communal spaces, smart offices and intelligent spaces. Hence the job of an architect has become very rewarding. Gone are the days when any contractor or civil engineer drafted as well as constructed their own buildings. Even the common man has now begun to understand the value of spaces designed as per their needs. It has now become a law that any plan without an architect’s approval cannot be passed by the government for construction.

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Some of the benefits of being an architect are

  • Respectable career.
  • High scope of opportunities.
  • Freedom to start an own consultancy.
  • Opportunity to go abroad.

Architecture colleges generally do not have any campus selections, and the students have to send portfolios to different firms for work. The portfolios contain all their designs and work done in college and while interning. Jobs are available in both government and private sectors. Based on the quality of the work, the firm can decide to hire a person and fix an initial salary. For a fresher, generally the pay for first few years can be laughable, but this is such a profession where job experiences lead to much better payments.

For a fresher, the starting can be pretty rough. The initial income can be anything between ₹15000-₹22000. There is always tough competition between peers as this is the field totally dependent on the skills and knowledge of the individual. People fresh out of college find themselves in a totally different world after they graduate. Soon they realize that whatever is taught in the college is pretty much close to nothing. What they learn in a professional field is totally theoretical. This makes them aware of the fact that they are always replaceable. The firms exploit this, so it is pretty common for them to make freshers work overtime and on Sundays too. In time, however, the pay increases and working conditions become better.

The place where one works plays a major factor in determining the salary. Highly developed areas such as Gurgaon, Delhi, and Mumbai offer a much higher pay than other cities. Developing cities and towns like Bhubaneshwar, Ghaziabad and Surat, even though offer less salary than the developed ones, the scope of getting construction and renovation projects is much more in these places.

Progress is warranted in a field like architecture and experience strongly influences the pay in this job. With several years on the job, architects can become eligible for significant raises. After initial years of labor, one can even start their consultancy. At first, the income might be slow but soon rise significantly as projects start coming in. Experienced architects who run successful firms or are senior partners may even earn in six figures.

Architecture is such a profession where time equals to money. A person who is much more efficient has a better chance of getting a promotion than anyone with an average working capacity. Being efficient in both field works as well as in various software can be a boost to one’s career.

 After one has got a job experience of more than ten years, they can venture out and start their consultancy. This job experience helps in managing their own firm and also develop valuable contacts in the field. Startups can be tough, and the security of a steady income isn’t there initially, but with proper dedication and perseverance, a private consultancy can become the best way to get the full benefit of the bachelor degree in architecture.

Skill that affects an Architect’s Salary

Auto Cad

Coral Draw

3D Max


Average Salary of an Architect according to Government pay scale:

Designation Average Salary (Per Month) Minimum Salary (Per Month) Maximum Salary (Per Month)
Junior Architect ₹ 23,000 ₹ 15,000 ₹ 35,000
Senior Executive ₹ 75,000 ₹ 36,000 ₹ 1,25,000
Manager ₹ 1,00,000 ₹ 75,000 ₹ 1,70,000
Senior Manager ₹ 1,45,000 ₹ 1,02,500

₹ 2,30,500


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