Bihar topper scam: What it tells us about our Indian education system

The entire education system in India is rocked due to recent scam in the Bihar schools. It is a shameful incident for the state that in spite of having no formal knowledge based education the students are getting acknowledged and congratulated for their great baseless results.

bihar topper scam

The XII standard Arts topper, Ruby Rai from Humanities background scored a stunning 91 out of 100 in the Political Science subject and thought that the subject was related to cooking. In fact the shameful part is that she has no idea the full marks of the examination and how she scored 89%.

Bihar Topper Scam : How the fiasco came into picture

It became huge national news when people were seen climbing up walls to pass answers and cheats to the examinees through the windows. 2016 saw an overwhelming figure of 25 lakh students appearing for Secondary and Higher Secondary level exam.

On 31st May the interview of Ruby Rai, the Higher Secondary topper in the Arts section, said that political science is nothing but related to preparation of food. This type of answer from a 90% scorer is either sarcastic or really awful.

On the other hand, Science is also not doing well in Bihar. The topper Saurabh Shreshtha, son of a renowned railway contractor has no idea about the most reactive metal (Cesium) in the periodic table and claimed that Sodium has only two electrons whereas it should be 11. The 85% scorer in science has stunned the entire nation from his baseless answers.

The person behind the Bihar Topper Scam

Bachcha Rai, also known as Amit Kumar is behind the shameful scandal. On 7th June, the regulatory board for education lodged a legal complaint against the toppers as well as the owner of the Vishnu Rai College for cheating and forgery. The college was found in 1999 by Bachcha Rai’s father and he was made the principal at the age of 19.

After an FIR was lodged an investigation team appointed by state went to the school went to the school but did not arrested Bachcha Rai even though he was present.

Reflection of the Bihar Topper scam on education

This might not be the picture of the entire country but everyone related to this field are all ashamed. Education is the most prestigious field to pursue and it has converted to a profitable business by the scandalous persons.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar could not even control the situation by installing CCTV cameras and armed police in the exam centers. It shows that the internal administrative system has degraded in every level. The teachers even asked examinees to become bare before giving exam to prevent cheating.

Bachcha Rai was arrested on 11th June but still he is getting a royal treatment even in the prison. It shows that the government in Bihar is nothing but a hoax bench of administrators who understands the language of power and money.

The officials said that at least Rs. 50,000 was asked at the time of admission to ensure passing marks in the exams from the boys. The girls had to pay more as it helped to increase the prospects of marriage.

Bihar has become nothing but a state of foundationless system, both in administration and education. The powerful irrespective of backgrounds are controlling all the aspects as per their preferences. Bribery and unfair means shows loss of integrity and dignity among the Bihar people and no one is there to oppose the misdeeds.

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