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How to start a business with 1 Lakh INR

In today’s market, it seems that there are new business opportunities that are well appreciated by many customers. Sadly, the competition has increased to such an extent that it is quite challenging to come up with unique ideas that can make your business rank top in the

10 Business you may consider at the age of 24

There is no better time to start a business than a younger age. You get better ways to explore the market, understand how it works and strategize and implement right things which can eventually help you get the best of the outcome. To start a business at

10 small business ideas for women

To start a business or work from home has become a common interest for many people especially women. Women who prefer to be independent but due to marital issues or young kids may not be able to go office can certainly start their own business with or

10 Home Based Business Ideas in India

Being independent is the best gift one can give to himself. The same stands true when one can become absolutely independent earner from his or her own venture. Entrepreneurship is quite an appealing option that today’s population is trying to pursue. But we must admit that being

10 Business Ideas with Almost Zero Investment

Fast pace life and growing economy make us insecure about life when the income is not up to the mark. There are several ideas that can work for a decent income by working at home independently. These part time ventures without any hefty investment can certainly relieve

10 Indian Startups That Failed in 2014

Entrepreneurship has already been hailed as the next big thing for India, and with the ruling government leaving no stones un-turned to boost the manufacturing sector, start-ups have received the much needed impetus and boost that they had been craving for a long time. But then, the