Commonly asked Interview Questions And Answers

Job interviews are the biggest examination of our professional career. But there are certain unsaid norms governing these interviews that line the difference between a candidate who is sure of achieving success and a candidate who is doubtful about himself or herself. These norms are related to how to answer certain important questions very commonly asked in an interview. So in this article, we have listed the most important and most common questions asked in any job interview.

Commonly interview questions

Most Common Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers are:

There is a sometimes a lot of pressure when it comes to jobs. So what is your demeanour when you have to work under pressure?

This is another very common job interview question asked to judge your management capabilities, so give an optimistic answer which gives the employer a positive outlook about you. Your answer can be framed like: “According to general survey, we have known that under pressure the rate of success increases, so when I am working, I can not only assure that I will thrive under pressure, but I would rather prefer working under pressure if my job requires so. “

Let us consider the salary. So what do you expect from the company when it comes to salary?

Another tricky question you have to be ready to face in a job interview. Of course you know the salary range of the job you are applying for, but you cannot be straightforward about it. Instead you must shift the focus from the salary figures and say something like: ” At present, I would rather be more interested as to how the company can promote to my career provided I am an efficient employee in the position I aspire for”. If you are someone with previous job experiences, then you can frame your answer like: “Since I have X or Y amount of required experience and qualification, I obviously expect a salary range from A to B. But definitely I will be a very efficient employee and give my best to the company.”

Money or Job satisfaction, which is more important according to you?

This is the most diplomatic behavioural question you can expect in a job interview. This question tests your personality, honesty and integrity and also your dedication towards the company. Lets us see the facts here. Of course we need a good salary when we are applying for any job. So you cannot deny that. Instead the answer can be framed in this way: Yes definitely, money  is an important factor, but for me the most important is job satisfaction. I cannot work diligently at a field which does not give me that willpower. I rather prefer to follow my interests and try and establish my career in a company which is guaranteed to give me complete job satisfaction.

Why should this company hire you?

Over enthusiasm or an informal answer should be avoided as far as this question is concerned. Answer in a smart and down to earth manner. First refer to the job description and requirements that was decided by the company and say that you will be able to fulfil the criterion as you are having the required degree of qualification, diligence, flexibility and tenacity. Also mention with a very honest approach that you will be of excellent disposal to the company as you are an efficient person with skills in the required field.

What are the questions you would like to ask me?

This question indirectly asks you “How much do you know about this company?”. It is one of the most common job interview questions asked, so be prepared with your research about the company you aspire for. Of course without working in a company, u will not have a thorough knowledge about it, so you may begin with the question “How soon will I be starting up, if I am offered the official status I aspire for?” Some other questions are:

What specific course will I be working on?

What is my job requirements and expectations from the company?

You may also refer to a project you might get a chance to work in if you join the company and ask one question like: “I am just curious but what is this project all about?”

So, keep your questions ready.

Therefore to all the aspirants,  Best Of Luck!!

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