Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers

While most of the time one keeps fumbling with the right answers to other peoples’ questions , one must make sure that he knows exactly what he is answering in an interview set up. Nobody loves a failed attempt yet many fail in these scenarios. Generally, in an interview the questions asked are very basic and yet they are pivoted to your desired change of course in an interview. People take these questions too casually , thus committing your first blunder. The interviewer doesn’t search for answers from an interviewee , they need a proper answer with proper justifications.

Thinking how to answer, here are some frequently asked questions and answers every candidate must know:

1. What is your greatest strength ?

Everyone when being asked this question jot down a mental map of their greatest strengths. And surprisingly, people have a blank expression. They don’t know what exactly they have in them as their greatest strength. What people fail to understand is that one doesn’t need to have a highly skilled trait in them to showcase their strengths in front of the company. Instead, they should know what exactly the required attributes they should know for their required job. One should answer as per the job demanded. But it doesn’t mean that one should not be honest, It’s just one can choose not to be brutally honest.

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2. Where your weakness lie?

To be honest, one needs to make a positive impact on an interviewer while answering this critical thing. Your employer would never want to hear your shortcomings lies in the field where you are  applying for. Instead, tell him those attributes which is not associated with the job you are concerned. In this way, you will appear real and at the same time it won’t affect your image. Subsequently, try to prove one of your negative attribute as a positive one for the concerned job. Like for example if you tell him that you  generally become crossed if someone fails to do a work in time. In this case, it won’t highlight your temper level instead it will highlight your perfectness for being on time.

3.How are you with people around you?

While applying for a job, you are not obviously applying in one and one interaction job. Your job will give you a whole different level of ambiance with different people coming from different cultural backgrounds, creed and race. In this case your reply should be based on how you get well adept in any kind of situation than how you adjust yourselves. The word adjust will have  a negative impact. It will show that you have forced yourselves to live in that environment. But if you answer that you can easily adept to any situation and any environment , it shows your temperamental level with others is cool and you are easy going guy.

4. Describe yourselves

A person should know how to present himself if he really wants to bag a job. In a corporate sector, people believe in buying stuffs only if those stuffs are worthy of selling.  So while answering to this said question one is bound to know how exactly he is going to sell himself to gain acceptance from his employer.

5. Why should I choose you rather than the other candidates?

It’s the most tricky question. To score that extra mile, you need to do lots of homework on the company you are applying for as well as for yourselves. With the right attitude and the right set of skills , you can show your employer who is the better one? You or the other candidates?

These are the most common questions asked in an interview. If you want a good start, start with a little but striking conversation. You won’t be knowing then, at what point you have impressed your interviewer!!

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