How Much Does An Uber Driver Earn In Bangalore

Bangalore, the Cyber City of India is expensive in every aspect. Renting, real estates, and other services take a lot out of the income of bachelors and families residing there. But the dreaded expenditure is transport. With autos and taxi cabs having no fixed rate, they charge an impossible amount. This can get difficult in the time of an emergency as we cannot afford to bargain. So the dependency on Uber is an obvious observation in Bangalore. Uber prices including the peak rates during busy hours are comparatively less as compared to autos and taxi cabs. The main advantage is that the rate is fixed and a pre-estimated amount is calculated and informed to the potential rider while booking an Uber. Slowly the primary mode of transportation has become Uber cabs as the majority of the people in Bangalore are availing its services. Thus, there is a large increase in the gross income of an Uber driver.

how much does a Uber driver in Bangalore earn

Interactions with few Uber drivers in Bangalore give us an insight into how much they earn. According to the Mr.Anil, whose was my recent Uber driver, an employed driver has to work 12 hours a day with an average of 10 rides per day. The earning potential varies from driver to driver as it is mostly performance based. Uber tracks the employed drivers via the Uber app. The basis of confirmation of daily activity is that the driver is logged onto the Uber application for the primary working hours of 12 hours. So, 12 hours of logging and tracking of 10 rides generates their basic monthly salary. This ensures an average daily salary of INR 3000, given the fact that in Bangalore a vehicle has to cover large distances to go from one place to another. 20% of this salary is deducted as a commission to Uber Services. Thus the gross daily salary is INR 2400. This remuneration includes only the basic Uber salary framework. The payment policy also states that if a driver is working overtime, for each extra ride, a basic amount of INR 250 will be paid. So considering all the statistics, the average estimated basic pay per month or the monthly salary of a Uber driver is INR 72,000. Adding to that are various incentives like overtime, tips, and extra rides are undertaken, a majority of Uber drivers in Bangalore earn up to 1lakh per month.  Uber drivers are paid on a weekly basis, the payment mode being online banking. Thus the gross weekly salary of an Uber driver is INR 21,000 which with added bonuses result in a weekly salary of INR 25,000.

A further estimation can be made about how much a Uber driver in Bangalore earns yearly from my recent chat with Mr.Rajpal, my Uber driver for the trip to Nandi Hills . If only the basic monthly salary is taken into consideration the earning per annum of a Uber driver is 8.64lakhs. After adding the incentives to the monthly salary it will include daily rides, extra hours, a few extra rides and tourism rides. This hikes the salary to about  1lakh per month, thus generating an annual salary of 12lakhs. The payment is made weekly to their bank account. Thus is can be concluded, that in a city like Bangalore, Uber drivers are among the highest earners in the society.

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