How to Crack Accenture Job Interview

Accenture is a dream company for many software Engineering students and cracking the Accenture job interview is nothing less than a dream come true. Accenture is one of the leading MNCs which has a large number of branches spread across the country. The most important thing to top an interview with top concerns is the type of preparation we make. Here are the Accenture styles of interview and various tips that you need to follow to crack Accenture interview.

Accenture job interview

Accenture Job Interview: Stages

Every company follow a certain style of interview format so is Accenture. You have to go through a few phases when you are applying for a job in Accenture. First of all you will have to get through a written exam followed by Group Discussion ( if it is a campus or pool drive ). Shortlisted candidates will be then called for HR and Technical interview. Based on the performance of the candidates in the Accenture job interview, final list is prepared. We have mentioned the topics on which you will be tested by the Accenture HRs.

1. Interview for Checking

This is the first part of Accenture Job interview. Here you need to explain about your work experience, achievements and activities. Your resume should be lively which helps the concern to understand about you clearly.

2. Interview for skills

The next step is to check your skills. Questions will be asked to find out your technical skills and if they are suitable for the specific role you have applied for or not.

3. Interview on behavior

This is held to understand how efficiently work with the team and complete a task. Try to explain about the types of project and methodology you implied in the project. Think well before answering as the focus is on so explain about your performance.

4. Interview with case

This will be conducted only for specific candidates for specific roles. This will help them to understand your analytical skills, thinking capability and problem solving skills by giving a situation. You need to solve that situation with your own ideas and methods.

5. Accenture’s Final interview

This is the combination of the previous sessions held. This will help the Accenture team to judge you and decide whether you are the right person for the concern.

How to prepare yourself for Accenture’s Interview

  • First understand yourself and your aims of life.
  • State your ambition, goals and objectives.
  • Analyse your strength and weakness.
  • Prepare yourself to discuss your view on development and their solutions
  • Analyse your resume completely.
  • Note the major pints you mentioned in the resume and be clear in that.
  • Be prepares to answer any questions related to your resume and specifications.
  • Go through the company profile in depth and study the industry.
  • Keeping yourself updated about the concern adds more advantage and more possibilities for getting attracted.
  • During the interview get the address properly, be on time with all the necessary documents as requested, maintain perfect dress code.

Things You Should Not Do at Accenture’s Interview

  • Never be late for the interview
  • Don’t talk about fantasy, political or caste issues.
  • Never ask direct questions about your chances of getting selected and about salary.
  • Don’t come without proper preparation
  • Avoid cell phones, chewing gums, etc.

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Frequently Asked Accenture Job Interview Questions and Answers

There are some basic job interview questions that are frequently asked in any Accenture job interview. We have gathered these information based on the experience of the candidates who have gone through the selection procedure at Accenture.

1. Why do you want to Join Accenture?

2. Where do you see yourself after 10 years from now.

3. What are your hobbies?

4. How is Accenture going to be benefited if we will hire you.

5. Do you have any questions that you would like to ask?

Final Tips to prepare for Accenture Job Interview

As the interview session ends find out what will be the next procedures. Get information about when you will be called next and thank the interviewer for the providing the opportunity. Accenture is a great concern that sees no difference in caste, age, religion and sex. It values every candidate with good skills and ability. Candidate with strong career, fluent English and good skills are given the right chance to utilise their talents and prove their skills. Proper and complete preparation is very important to ace the interview at Accenture and the worthy candidate will deserve its best.

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