How To Dress Up For an Interview

It is a common saying that First Impression Is The Best Impression. This is true in case of job interviews as your appearance is the first thing that is marked. Your appearance, your attire will convey your professionalism and approach before the interviewer, thus it is mandatory that you dress up appropriately when you appear for a job interview. Of course during their first time every interviewee is concerned about how to dress up for a job interview. So, do not worry as this website provides you some tips as to how you can appear for an interview appropriately.

How To Dress Up for an Interview For Women

It is mandatory that you avoid miniskirts, shaggy overall, fancy shoes, neon colours or too tight clothing. In case you are wearing a skirt, it must be nylon and you must make sure that the length is appropriate as to convey formal professionalism. Start preparing beforehand, so that you can check for any wear and tear in the clothing. Remember it is important to have your clothing well washed and ironed so that you look neat and fresh. For shoes you can select simple pumps or loafers. Do not go for high heels as you must be able to carry yourself properly in the attire you are wearing. Tone down your outlook. The make-up must be of the barely-there kind and the perfume you use must be mild. Carry a professional portfolio or a briefcase instead of a decorative handbag. The other aspects of appearance that you must follow are:

  • Solid coloured clothing must be worn. A blazer is preferable, as it gives a smart outlook.
  • Wear co-ordinated clothing. Do not go for contrasting clothes.
  • Heavy jewellery is a complete no.
  • Your Hairdo must be neat and simple. Avoid anything elaborate.
  • An important part that goes unnoticed is your nails. Make sure that you either keep neat manicured nails or cut your nails.

How To Dress Up for an Interview For Men

interview dress

Your suit must be crisp, washed and ironed. Tailor your suit as it gives a smart and fitting look. Also make sure you wear light coloured professional full shirts as it brings out the formal side of your outlook. Complete your appearance with a proper tie and neat hair. Some mandatory points you have to keep in mind while dressing up for the interview is:

  • Light coloured cotton shirts with tailored suits are preferable so be prepared beforehand with the clothes you will be wearing.
  • Make sure that you are clean shaven with hair properly trimmed  as it is important when it comes to having a neat appearance.
  • Brush your hair properly and the tie that you wear as a finishing touch must be simple too.
  • To carry your required interview items use a portfolio.

How To Dress Up For An Interview In Summer

Have a job interview during the summer season? Well it very important to wear something accurate for the interview as well as adjust according to the climate. So given below are some tips as to how you can dress up for an interview during summers.

1.) Remember whatever be the weather, you must look well poised and professional when attending an interview. So men should select light wool suit, unlined. The wool will keep sweat at bay. Wear it with white cotton shirt that is tailored as it is more breathable than manufactured fabric. For women it is suggested that you wear a light coloured cotton shirt with a blazer of beige colour. Also make sure to check the percentage of lycra in your clothing as a certain percentage of it keeps you dry even n the heat.

2.) The above tip was regarding your general attire.  Now for your total outlook. Women must avoid leaving long hair free as it will stick to your neck and get spoiled by the humidity. So in order to maintain neatness as well as deal with the climate, your hairdo must be simple and pristine. Avoid fringes or any elaboration in your hairstyle. Keep your outlook totally professional. For men, you must be totally clean shaven and have a neat haircut. One more important point for both men and women is that you must not overdo your perfume or deodorant. The scent should be kept mild, so men can use aftershave or cologne and women can use any mild perfume and not overdo its scent.

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