How to Face an IAS Interview?

IAS which stands for Indian Administrative Service is the most prestigious and responsible position which is to be served with honesty, loyalty and dedication for the welfare of our country. After the successful passage of written test the most important and the final barrier to reach the designation is the personality test or interview in the civil services examination.

IAS officers

Here are the brief tips for a successful IAS interview:

Know who you are

The first and foremost concept in the process of interview is to understand the complete you. Know yourself as much as you can. Know your potential and your type and then improve where you lack. As you improve you are moving ahead towards the goal.

Take screen shots and preview your performance

Try to rehearse for the general question asked in the interview. Make the real design of the interview place and try to perform as an candidate and answer the standard questions asked. This will help you to avoid careless mistakes, undisturbed sentences, analyse your body language, your speed, clarity and tone in speech.

Take a trial

By taking the trial of the actual interview will give you the exact estimation of you are performing and what are the changes to be done. This will also make you confident during the real interview test.

  • Things to be avoided
  • Bad facial impression
  • repetition of certain words
  • improper body language

Important areas to focus

Although the interview is based on the overall issues of the affairs, education, resources but there are certain things that need to be more focussed such as birth place, optional subjects, family background, current affairs , educational background, government job experience, extracurricular activities, hobby and family background. These questions will be raised based on the main forms filled by the candidate, so be clear and accurate with the information you fill in the form.

Stay in present tense

Never ever lose your presence of mind. Even if your answer is wrong don’t get tensed, don’t shake your presence of mind, as each and every question they ask is to test various personality traits, your skills and ability to handle a situation.

Be honest

Even if you don’t know the answer reply calmly, don’t trick with the members as they may consider as an humiliation to them and may end the session. If you say the truth they will appreciate your boldness and honesty.

Say way you ‘say’

There may be some opposing questions by the board. If you know the answer and whether it is for or against, stick to it. Don’t try to leap towards the answers of the board members as this may make them feel that your answer is vacillating. But don’t forget to listen to their answers and respect their views.

Prepare well for the common questions

Although the questions of IAS are not predictable there are some common expected questions such as why you opted for particular post, what would you do as a commissioner etc.

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