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Months of hard work and that one stroke of luck we all need to reach the destination meant for us, finally worked. Printed in small but bold letters, was my name on the list. The title read “Accenture: List of Selected Students”. The overwhelming and humbling journey that led me to get my first job at a multinational IT company was finally over. My career finally commenced. Some people say its really easy to get into multinational companies as the IT industry has thrown at us a plethora of options. But actually, it is not. Months of research and toil is what it takes to finally find the right tactics that help you hit the bulls-eye. Here are some preparation methods I would like to share with all aspiring for a job at Accenture.

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Written Examination Pattern

This is the first ladder you have to climb after applying for Accenture. Accenture appoints either of the two vendors to take the examination: Aspiring Minds and Merittrac. They have different patterns of conducting the examination and different cut-off marks for selection. Generally, Aspiring Minds pattern is the easier of the two. Both the patterns are discussed below in details.

Aspiring Minds Pattern

This is the most common pattern for Accenture written examination. Every candidate will start with a different question and the test will move forward based on the difficulty level. It is an adjusting pattern and the questions get more difficult with the increasing number of correct answer and simpler with increasing wrong answers. The final assessment is made on the basis of a total number of correct answer and the difficulty level of the correct answer. Thus the selection is relative or percentile based. The following sections are present in Aspiring Minds Pattern:

  • The first part of written examination is Quantitative Aptitude. This carries the maximum marks. The chapters covered are Time and Work, Time and Distance, Profit and Loss, Probability, Number System and Averages, Ratio and Proportion, Speed and Relative Velocity Problems, Train Problems and Boats and Streams Problems.
  • The second section is Logical Reasoning. This section contains questions like Complete the series, anagrams, sitting arrangement, logical word problems, alphabet series and blood relations
  • The third section is Verbal Aptitude. This section checks a candidate’s proficiency in English. Thus is contains synonyms, antonyms, prepositions, identification of correct word or phrases and passages.

Merittrac Pattern

The level of questions in this pattern is high. It is a rarely used pattern by Accenture, but in 2016 this pattern was followed. in Merittrac pattern students are required to answer similar questions section wise. Unlike Aspiring Minds, they can move between questions or solve previous questions later under the same section. Given below is the type of questions in Merittrac Pattern.

  • The first section is Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning together. The syllabus covered is same as Aspiring Minds.
  • The second section is Verbal Aptitude. Again the syllabus followed is same as Aspiring Minds.
  • The third section is Attention To Detail which is an on-spot test, purely to check the observation power and analysis technique of a candidate.

Preparation For The Written Examination

The first step is clearing the written examination. Keep in mind that the written is where more than 50% of the candidates are rejected. So preparation for these rejection rounds needs to be taken with care. Here are some points you should keep in mind.

  • Practice from any one source properly. Do not use too many methods for the same type of problem sum. Choose the simplest best and a suitable book and follow it religiously. Practicing from several reference books or doing the same sum in many ways will only confuse you.
  • Time yourself. Time management is one of the most important things you need to deal with during the written examination. So take a few online tests that are timed with an on-screen clock.
  • Do not try to attempt all questions in a hurry. Even if you are leaving a few questions due to the shortage of time, try to get the ones you answer completely correct.
  • Practice fast reading. In the Verbal Aptitude Section, the number of passages are many and can be very time taking. So read the passage questions first and then read the passage thoroughly. That way you will be able to find all answers simultaneously or at one go in the first reading.
  • And last but not the least, stay calm. It is actually not the end of the world, so take a few deep breaths, be cool and confident before you start answering the paper.

Personal Interview: How To Succeed

After having cleared the written examination you must know that you have cleared the rejection round. One of the biggest advantages of Accenture is that the Personal Interview Round is purely an HR round, with very few technical questions. Also, Accenture conducts group interviews when the number of students selected is large. This round is the assessment of your personality, your demeanor, and your communication skills. So keep in mind that you are now entering the selection round. While this round does demand a stroke of luck and that “meant-to-happen” factor, here are a few basic tips:

  • Maintain a proper confident posture when you are facing the interviewer. If the interviewer offers, shake their hand keeping a steady grip. If you are sweating due to nervousness, just be anonymous while wiping the sweat away before you shake hands.
  • Greet your interviewer. Check the time before you do that.
  • Do not fumble while answering the few technical questions. Remember even if one or two questions are wrong, it does not matter. You can still get selected as HR skills are what they are looking for.
  • Prepare the answers to all possible questions, but do not answer too promptly as the mugging up becomes obvious. Take your time and answer in a composed voice. The answer should sound genuine and not superficial.

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