How to keep yourself motivated for CAT 2017

Motivation lies in our beliefs and it gets awaken by us. Motivation can be nurtured by anyone who pushes you to the right direction. It can come from your family, friends or a third party maybe. The motivation that is coming from a third party can be very effective and long lasting. As you are a prey of their criticism, you tend to remember it and work on it until and unless it gets sorted out. So, that is called motivation. Sometimes, success does not follow the path. Many people have CAT failure stories, but they have overcome that because of their determination. So, you can do it too. Be determined, and your success story for CAT 2017 will be just behind the door of your hard work. Don’t lose hope!

CAT exam 2017

The tasks you have to do to keep yourself motivated for CAT 2017

  • Why do you want to prepare for CAT 2017? If you don’t know, then what is the point behind all these efforts? If you know the reason behind it, then you can focus on it like an eagle’s eye. Go and find the reason.
  • Talk to the persons who motivate you in every aspect, always.
  • Watch inspirational movies of men and women who have gained success in CAT examinations.
  • Look for CAT motivational stories.
  • Write motivational quotes or phrases for the upcoming CAT examination on the thing that catches your eye every morning.
  • Make the time schedules for your preparation. Do not waste your time, make use of it.
  • Talk to your family members and ask them to remind you to focus on CAT 2017 every single day.
  • Interact with the top rankers of last year’s CAT Examination. They may motivate you to fight for it.
  • Work on your weaker parts daily. Look for the thing in which you are lagging behind.
  • Double your efforts and work on your strategies.
  • You may study with a friend with whom your compatibility works.
  • Check your progress for the preparation every day.
  • Make yourself dedicated to this exam and work hard for it.
  • Avoid distractions and arguments.
  • Believe in yourself, and it will pay off.

How to overcome the pressure during the ongoing preparation for CAT 2017?

Stress and pressure are very common before any exam of your life and especially when it involves your career. DO NOT stress yourself with the pressure of the exam. Listen to songs, do yoga, have your favorite food, talk to your favorite person and get freshened up again to work on your goal. Do not worry about the vast syllabus that is still left to be completed. Everything is not important. You have to pick out the important one’s but, simultaneously you have to work hard for it to make it happen. Until you take action, your dream will not be a reality.

You should follow three things of a subject you are studying:

  • The things you have to
  • The things you should
  • The things you want to

You may not know everything, but you have to take care of the important stuff. Learn everything with passion and desire in your heart and one day you will conquer it.

“He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.” – Louisa May Alcott

                                                                      ALL THE BEST!

Article Credit – Tirna Mandal

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