How To Prepare for IBM Interview

IBM India Private Limited is a sector of one of the largest multinational companies set up, ranked by Fortune Global as World Number two. Its facilities are spread over cities all over India. The headcount of IBM has grown over the years and this generation obviously wants to be a part of this multimillion software firm.


How To Crack IBM Job Interview

Those candidates who aspire for the official status of Software Engineer in IBM must clear the thorough screening process that is done by the IBM HR department which interviews the candidates who aim to join as freshers. This is the most privileged job status in IBM, so remember the company will go for the best.  The type of questions asked in the interview are of 3 basic types:

  • Technical Round
  • HR Technical Round with manual testing basics
  • Behavioral round

Round 1: Technical Round

It is a fact that given enough time to think a bright student can answer a question accurately. But in a verbal interview when you do not have time to ponder upon much only a steady, analytical minded candidate, with proper knowledge of the basics and excellent confidence can answer smartly. Yes smart answers must be given in technical rounds. Even if you do not know the correct answer,  according to your basic knowledge you must analyse the given question in front of the interviewer. This will leave a positive impact. Also politely ask the interviewer if you want a question properly framed for your understanding.

Round 2: HR Manual Testing Technical Round

In this round generally your knowledge about Structured Query language or SQL will be tested. The questions will be related and if your basics in SQL is strong you will be able to answer easily. Also the ALM procedure that is generally related to software techniques applied in database sheets( like Excel Query Report Builder) must be completely explained in details as a sure question will be asked about it. This section of the interview tests how you can apply your knowledge in the practical field, so be particular about each small aspect of every software procedure you are asked about. A pre study is a must for this round, as verbal explanation of practical application is difficult. There is a chance that you may miss out vital points. So practice is the mantra.

Round 3: Behavioral Round

Copious Notes are taken in this round regarding each factor of the interview. This is the round which determines the professionalism you maintain in the job sector. For a basic first impression in this round you must maintain a perfect appearance. Be very formal, polite, confident and professional in your approach towards the interviewer. This round also checks your quick thinking ability, so you may be set with a hypothetical situation which you need to resolve. The hypothetical situation can be related to any field be it a team situation, a leadership testing situation or a crisis in the department.

Frequently asked Interview Questions in IBM

The questions will be of the following types as seen by a general survey of successful candidates who have cleared the interview:

  • State five adjectives to describe yourself?
  • Where do you see your career going in the next five years?
  • In case you are a team leader how would you resolve a disagreement?
  • Why IBM and how does it fit according to your aim?
  • What type of software design process you wish to work in?

Practice these type of questions in mock interviews and you will ace through IBM.

So Best of Luck!!!

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