How to prepare for ICICI bank interview

ICICI bank is one of the leading banking organization spread across the nation. A large number of procedures should be followed to be a part of the employee group. Among the procedures, interview is one. Here are few tips to successfully crack ICICI job interview. As you get selected for the interview process you should train yourself as a good listener and good speaker. Here are the basic and important points necessary for facing the ICICI bank job interview.

ICICI Bank PO recruitment Process

As all the big concerns the ICICI also follows some levels of tests such as aptitude test, group discussion, psychometric profiling and finally personal interview.

Preparation for tests

As you decide for bank exams you must start to practice various aptitude questions, gather information about current affairs and ICICI bank’s detail. The paper has question related to mathematical, reasoning and logical testing. They are conducted to test each candidate’s ability in various sections of subjects.

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Group discussions

Group discussion are conducted to test the candidates analytical ability, manage hypothetical situation in business and make any complex problem simple with smooth and easy solutions. So to speak well in group discussion practise talking about various topics by taking mock tests. Try to gather points about the current topics or hot news and analyse the problem by your own. Prepare answers for the situations based on your own thinking, reasons and facts. Practise speaking good and simple English with perfect grammar and simple words. Don’t break sentences or use repeated words. Be calm and speak boldly with your points. Don’t try to dominate but initiate and be clear with your points. Group discussion is the best and easiest way to get the attention of the examiner towards you thus making good impression is very important.

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Psychometric profiling

This is a tool which is used to find the typical behavior of the individuals in a work environment. You need to answer properly for these questions as this will help the examiner to know your ability and your way of thinking about the work and environment. Answer genuinely and understand the working strategy.

Personal interview

The final round is the personal interview round. Here you need to be in perfect dress code and reach in time. Your body language and the way you answer will be noted keenly so be prepared with perfect answers. Practise regularly on the basic questions that will be asked in the interview process such as tell about yourself, your hobbies, experience if any, and mainly remember all the points mentioned in your resume. Practise answering to certain common questions with best answers as this would help you to answer clearly during the interview process.

During the entire process of interview never show your stress and tensions in your face or answers. Keep your mind and face relaxed and answer politely for any questions asked. Keep updated about the company profile and their plans and development. Explain your vision and goals with positive intention such that it reveals your interest and concern for the job. As you answer maintain good eye contact with all the panel members because this will show your working attitude and friendly approach. Punctuality and discipline is very important to maintain as this will make you perfect for the job requirement.

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