How to Prepare for MAT – Tips, Tricks and Techniques

MAT or Management Aptitude Test is one of the entrance tests for taking admissions in various colleges for MBA. The MAT examination is conducted by AIMA or All India Management Association for the MBA admissions in various colleges. MAT is similar to CAT except that there are some minor changes in the pattern of examination of MAT. The results of this test are used as a criteria for the admissions of the candidates in various B schools across India for the management course.

How to Prepare for MAT
All about MAT – Pattern of examination

The examination of MAT is conducted both in an online manner as well as in offline, that is, pen paper based examination. The duration of the test is of two and a half hours and the question paper consists of the below given sections :
• Language Comprehension
• Mathematical skills
• Data Analysis and Sufficiency
• Intelligence and critical reasoning
• Indian and Global environment
Each section consists of 40 questions where a correct answer carries 4 marks and an incorrect answer reduces 1 mark, that is, there is a negative marking of 1 mark for each incorrect response. Candidates preparing for MAT must be well aware of the pattern of the examination as no strategy of preparation will work unless you are not aware of the examination pattern.

Below are some tips and tricks which will help the aspiring candidates in their preparation for MAT.

Concepts of Maths should be clear

The very first and foremost requirement is that your basic concepts of maths should be very clear. The best place to start with is the text books of Class 10 and some study materials available online. You can also practice the problems given in the NCERT books.

Improve your vocabulary

You should have a good vocabulary. For this, you must read english newspapers and magazines. Go for an extensive reading and mark the words which you are not able to understand and after that refer to the dictionary for its meaning. This will really improve your vocabulary to a large extent. You can also go for watching good english TV series as well as proper accented english movies.

Strategically plan your time table

Plan your daily routine for studying in advance by carefully allotting time for each subject and strictly follow your time table without wasting any time. Devote more time to that subject where you think you need more practice.

Solve mock test papers

Solving practice papers and mock test papers will give you an idea of the level of questions which would come in the test, topics from which most of the questions come and also it will help you to know in which all sections your concepts are not strong. In this manner, you will come to know about your weakness.

Improve your General Awareness

The section on Indian and Global environment basically tests your general knowledge and the awareness on current affairs. For having a good control over this section, you should go through the newspapers regularly and also watch the news channels on TV. To have a good knowledge of current affairs, you can also browse the internet and be updated with the national and internal happenings.

Solve puzzles

To score well in the reasoning section of the question paper, you must practice more and more puzzles of different kinds. You can refer to Shakuntala Devi’s books on puzzles as they have a variety of problems on puzzles. You may also go through the previous year’s papers on MAT for solving the puzzles.

Wok upon your speed and accuracy

Your performance in the MAT depends on your speed as well as accuracy on that day. You can enhance your speed and accuracy by practicing more and more complete set of mock test papers. This will increase your speed as you will get acquainted with solving that particular pattern of question paper by practicing test papers and hence you will not take much time on the day of examination.

Stay confident

On the day of the examination, do not get nervous and have confidence in yourself. Do not go for reading any new topic as this may create confusion in your mind and may also overlap the things you have read. Instead go for revising the things you have already studied. Remain calm, cool and be confident.
All the best to the aspiring candidates !

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