How To Prepare for SBI Clerk Interview

In today’s world there is competition for every kind of job and there has been always a craze in getting government jobs. SBI is a very reputed concern and getting job in such a renowned concern will really make everyone excited. One must really work hard and sincerely to get the job and face the competition.

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Here are few tips that will help you to face the SBI Clerk interview and go through the entire process efficiently.

Take it seriously

As you are now selected for personal interview after the written test you must be very serious in preparing for the final interview. You should not take it slightly and be careless. Getting job in SBI is really difficult as there is a huge competition. But with the information as weapon and a pinch of confidence you can surely crack the interview and get your dream job.

Preparation Details

As all the other personal interviews, the SBI Clerk interview is also straight forward and general. You must be well prepared with complete detail of your bio-data, general knowledge, current affairs, latest bank and finance related issues or developments, and detailed history of SBI.

Board of Interview

The interview will be conducted by three main members of the bank who belong to the post of assistant general manager, manager and chief manager. You need to face them and their questions during interview.

Prepare these Clerk Interview Questions

There are some specific banking terms which a candidate applying for SBI Clerk job should know. Please go through these frequently asked banking related terms before attending the interview.

Your look on the day of SBI Clerk Interview

As you are going to appear for the interview, each and every thing will be noticed keenly. Your way of approach, the way you respond, your behavior and your dress code will be noted accurately and this will make your first impression in their mind. So decent dress will be preferred for males while females with decent dresses that are not colorful or lousy.

Don’t be anxious

Try to stay calm and answer the questions calmly. Don’t give any wrong answers if you don’t know say openly that you are unaware. This shows your confidence of acceptance. Never show any sort of nervous reactions in your face such as biting nails, or lips this makes you look weak and fear for facing the interview. Never chew gums or smoke before appearing for the interview. Keep some questions to ask the interviewer as asking at least one question proves your interest in the job.

Relevant answers for choosing SBI Clerk

Try to give a proper and relevant answer when asked ‘why you chose this job?’ As many candidates from various field appear for this exam this question is most common and prepare a proper and more satisfying answer to this type of questions.

Other general and important tips for SBI Clerk Interview

Be on time at the destination

Switch of your mobile during interview

Maintain eye contact as you explain your answers

Prepare the unique answers but don’t memorize

Practice mock interviews for more confidence and boldness

Refer to the various answers given by other candidates and try to analyse the correct and suitable answer.

Make a sincere and dedicated preparation.

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