Infosys Interview Questions with Answers : HR and Written

Infosys also known as Infosys Technologies ( formerly ) is an Indian multinational company that offers software engineering, information technology, business consulting and outsourcing services. It is the third largest India based IT services company which offers job opportunities to thousands of students per year. Since there are millions of job opportunities in Infosys per year, so the candidates must really work upon their preparations for getting through the Infosys interview. All the candidates preparing for Infosys interview, here are some frequently asked questions asked by the interviewing panel in the Infosys interview.

Infosys Interview Questions with Answers

Infosys Technical Interview Questions :

The technical round of Infosys interview tests your knowledge in the practical field. The probable questions that can be asked in this round are as follows :
1. What were the projects undertaken in the final year ?
2. What were the learning outcomes from the projects and how did you manage to work in a team ?
3. What are the four basics of Object Oriented Programming language ?
4. Which of the two languages are based on .NET framework ?
5. What is the difference between a reference key and a foreign key ?
6. What is DNS ?
7. What are the different types of keys in SQL ?
8. Explain the working of micro controllers.
9. What is the importance of data abstraction ?
10. Explain Norton’s theorem.

Infosys HR interview Questions :

Some of the frequently asked questions in the HR round of Infosys job interview are given below :
1. Introduce yourself.
2. If you would not be looking for job right now, then where should you have been ?
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
4. What are your goals ?
5.Why do you want to work at Infosys ?
6. Why should the company hire you ?
7. What is the difference between hard work and smart work ?
8. Describe your ideal company, location and job.
9. According to you how do you think you can be an asset to our company ?
10. How much salary do you expect ?

Infosys Interview questions for Freshers :

For CS / IT students :

The interviewing panel will expect a sound knowledge from the candidates of CS/IT branch as they are especially trained for the software jobs. Some of the FAQs for the CS / IT students commonly asked in the Infosys interview are as follows :
1. What is the difference between C and C++ ?
2. What do you mean by a null pointer ?
3. What is database schema ?
4. What are the various levels of database schema ?
5. Differentiate between clustered index and non clustered index.
6. What is the difference between an EXE and DLL ?
7. What is a default gateway ?
8. What do you mean by a pure virtual function ?
9. What is the difference between a socket and a session ?
10. What is a container ?

For core branch students :

Since the core branch students are expected to have software knowledge along with the knowledge of their chosen subject, so some software related and some technical questions regarding their branch are asked in this round. So here are some FAQs for the core branch students in the Infosys interview :
1. What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous ?
2. How to find the closest prime number of an input number ?
3. What is IDOC ? Explain the inbound and outbound process.
4. Explain the working of a current transformer.
5. What will happen when batteries of different potentials are connected in parallel ?
6. What is cellular mobile communication ?
7. What is the utility of an equivalent circuit ?
8. What is the purpose of using 2 numbers of rectifiers in SMPS ?
9. Why do we use an external oscillator in 8051 microcontroller ?
10. What is a resistive diode ?

Dos and Don’t s in a Infosys job interview :

Dos :

When you are appearing for the job interview, keep in mind that your appearance will create an initial impression in the mind of the interviewer.
Offer a firm handshake to the interviewers, make direct eye contact and have a friendly expression on your face when the interviewer greets you.
Dress yourself in a formal attire and reach 10 minutes prior to the given time at the venue.

Don’t s :

Do not act as if you are desperate for the job.
Do not lie in the interview as you may be cross checked.
Do not allow your cell phone to sound while the interview is going on.

Frequently Asked Questions in Infosys job interview :

The FAQ’s in the Infosys interview are personality based as well as knowledge based. Some commonly asked questions are:
1.Tell us something about yourself.
Ans. Myself, Diksha . I have over four years of experience in the field of Public and Corporate Relations as I have been a part of my University E-Cell and WOW team who had worked in a collaboration with Google Business Group of Bhubaneshwar. I am also a regular article writer for crack job interview. My efficiency when it comes to my job is my accuracy and my ability to deal with deadlines and submit my work before that. So, I will be of perfect disposal to your company and will be honest in my work and straightforward in my approach.

2. What qualities would you look for in a candidate if you were hiring for this position?
Ans. First of all mention the job description and requirements and accordingly mention all the qualities required by a candidate.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Ans. If questioned about your strengths, you should not answer it in a very over confident manner, rather you should answer it very smartly carefully stating all your strengths and when asked about your weaknesses tell them about all your weaknesses and to add a positive note to your answer, tell them that you will try your best to overcome your weaknesses if the job demands.

4. Are you Okay with working over weekends?
Ans. If you are asked such a type of question, you must give a very smart and wise answer since even the employers know that no one would like to work on weekends.

5. Can you work under pressure and deadlines if Infosys demands so?
Ans. This is a question which is asked in most of the interviews to judge your management capabilities. The answer to such a question can be given in a very clever and positive way by saying that under stress and pressure, the probability of success increases and for success I can work under pressure and deadlines.
6. Why should this company hire you?
First refer to the job description and requirements that was decided by the company and say that you will be able to fulfil the criterion as you are having the required degree of qualification, diligence, flexibility and tenacity.
7. Money or Job satisfaction, which is more important according to you?
This question tests your personality, honesty and integrity and also your dedication towards the company. The answer can be framed in this way : Yes definitely, money is an important factor, but for me the most important is job satisfaction. I cannot work diligently at a field which does not give me that willpower.
8. How much salary do you expect?
The answer to this question should not be given in a straight forward manner by simply saying the salary you are expecting, rather you must give your answer in a twisted way by telling them that for now what matters is how the company can help me to promote my career not the salary.

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