Interview tips for a Job In Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware is one of the oldest firms in India, it was established in 1990. It is one of the global providers of IT and outsourcing process.  The main focus of the company is to maximize clients through outsourcing and off-shoring with 1000 of organizations globally.

hexaware technologies

Here are the tips to face the interview with full hope and confidence

Show your best

After the hard work done in the written exam you should continue to show the dedication for the interview. So during the interview you should show that you are the best and must appear in a completely neat and decent form. They way you appear should show how you considered the interview and whether you are suitable for the job or not.

Study about the organisation

As you get selected for the Hexaware, study about the organisation in detail. Go through the company’s website and note the important names, dates and major happenings of the company.

Answers precisely

Explain your answers clearly but shortly. You should not say any extra unnecessary points. Be clear in your statement and stick to the topic don’t deviate the question.

Don’t Quibble

Never argue with the interviewer. If your answer is correct be calm listen to their points and then justify your answer. Never give harsh reply or suggestions, through this your patients will be tested so you should stay calm.

Good communication

You should have good and standard communication. Communication is the main path of interaction. Hexaware sees for quality communication among the candidates. You should regularly converse in English and practise reading articles, novels and newspaper. You should practise mock interview and speak as a rehearsal before attending the interview.

Good mannerism

You should always use thanks or please in your conversation with the interviewer whenever needed. Good manners will surely be appreciated and noted by the interview and can consider you more responsible and polite in behaviour.

Ask questions to the interviewer

Keep some questions prepared to ask to the interviewer. This chance is given as an opportunity to show your interest and knowledge about the company. You should be free to clear the doubts you have in your mind. Don’t hesitate to ask any question but see that you do not ask directly about your job confirmation or salary.

Selection Procedure of Hexaware

The selection process of Hexaware involves written test, group discussion and HR interview. The written test is all multiple choice questions and divided into various sections like computer awareness, aptitude section and programming language C related questions. So be prepared with the question bank available in the sites or guides you refer. Written test has the maximum weightage and then you will shortlisted for group discussion. In the next round your communication and presentation ability will be noticed by providing a topic to discuss. So here you need to show your strong communication and bold skills. Then you have to attend personal interview where HR related or technical questions will be asked. So keep yourself well prepared with technical knowledge and general awareness.

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