Interview Tips for IBPS Clerk Exam 2015

Interview is the first bridge between the concern and the candidate. So this bridge must be successful and strong enough to make the bond last long. The duration of the IBPS clerk interview lasts only for 15 minutes so within this time you must be well prepared with the best answers that will last in the interviewer’s mind forever. The set of questions asked vary from one candidate to another as the profile of the candidate. However there are certain expected questions which will be asked in an interview. Why stop from preparing best answers when the questions are known?

Here are the lists of common IBPS clerk interview questions

Tell Us About yourself

This is the basic question asked in all interview. You must not list your history instead highlight the important points in proper order. It is perfect to start with your personal information, qualifications, work experience if any, certification courses, extracurricular activities and hobbies. Try to answer these details in five minutes with attractive words and points.

Know about the job terms

As you are going to work as bank clerk you must be aware of the banking industry and job. So be well prepared with the banking terms and terminology such as the difference between draft and cheque, meaning of overdraft, definition of NEFT, RTGS, about credit and debit cards.

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Questions for overqualified graduates

As bank exam is applied by different graduates’ questions such as reason to opt for bank job, or leaving this job after getting better job will be expected for post graduate degree holders like MCA, MSc, and M.COM etc. try to give more convincing answer instead of simply stating direct reasons.

Gather information on current affairs

Several general questions related to current affairs in banking industry or city or any major events happened in the country. So keep updated by such current news. Reading newspaper and watching TV news are the best to serve the purpose.

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Local language test

If you have applied for your current state then you must be well versed in your local language. Candidates with well known local language are given more preference so questions related to the meaning of the word or sentences can be asked. So it is better to say what you know.

Questions based on scenario

For IBPS clerk interview scenario based questions can be asked as they need to decide your decision making ability. You need to prepare well for such questions as they can easily judge your attitude and capability.

Resume based questions

These are the basic expected questions apart from this you need to prepare a good quality resume and study your resume thoroughly. Mention only the points for which you are well qualified and aware of. Many questions may arise based on your resume and answering irrelevant answers can make you appear fake or imperfect for the job.

Regular practice

Keep practising and referring previous year IBPS Clerk question papers. This will help you gain full confidence and knowledge about paper and pattern. Work hard and you will surely succeed.

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