Key Points In Resume Preparations

A resume is an advertisement of yourself. Your resume should be such that the company you are applying for must be impressed and convinced that you can fill the job role he or she demands. Thus knowing how to frame a resume is important. Keeping a proper resume format, there are certain key points in a resume you must always keep in mind. The key points in a resume will be discussed in details. So read on..


Preparation Of Your Resume: The Key Points

The list of key points you must keep in mind while preparing your resume are given below:

Personal Information

The first important factor you have to make sure about your resume is that you give your Personal Information in a proper format. Your name should be in title case and your address should be written in full avoiding abbreviations. In a resume it is better to avoid abbreviations. The contact number you give in your resume should be all the numbers on which you can be reached wherever you are. Thus giving all the contact numbers with proper area codes is mandatory.

Job Goal

Be formal, transparent and honest with your employer. When stating your job goal describe it in one straightforward sentence. This will indicate the type of work you are confident in doing and your field of interest. After that state all your skills and ability that syncs with your job goals and formally state your competitiveness as to how your skills can promote to your goals. Your skills include your experience in volunteering, paid or unpaid work or internships and even any related hobbies cultivated.


List all your educational qualifications in the reverse chronological order, that is stating the most recent one first and then the others. For example: Undergraduate Qualification should be stated AFTER Postgraduate Qualifications. Give details about your education like the place, your fields of interest, the total number of degrees you received and all kinds of additional programs taken part it be it any small scale training.

Additional Knowledge

Mention additional knowledge about yourself in your resume. Anything that promotes to your personality can be listed as a skill in your resume. So state any kind of learning experience like a foreign language you might have learned, a software programming techniques learnt or other activities relating to your job. In this section also mention the awards you have received, or any achievement on your part.


Prepare a reference list for your resume. The more up to date it is the better. References are your mentors whom your employers can contact in case they need any background details from you. First contact your mentors, take their permission and then add them to your list of references. Reference can be anyone from your University Lecturer or someone whom you have done an internship under, etc.

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