Mohammed Islam Success story: How an 18 Year Old made 72 million with Stocks

‘More money Less Problems’ was the description on an Instagram pic of an 18 year old New York’s Stuyvesant High School senior Mohammed Islam who is rumored to have 72 million in stock market by dealing in penny stocks. He is been regarded as the Teen Wolf of Wall Street and even might beat Di Caprio’s character Mr. Belfort in making money. He might just be Warren Buffet’s Successor in the field of Stock Market Exchange.

muhammad islam

Muhammad ISlam Success story

Mohammed Islam – Teen Wolf of Wall Street

He has become more of a business celebrity as he was included in the famous list of 20 under 20 of the Business Insider magazine. According to Islam’s profile  along with his friend Damir Tulemaganbetov in the New York’s Times Magazine’s ‘Reasons to Love New York’  done by Jessica Pressler, the 18 year old confirmed that he had reached the ‘high eight figure’ only in a matter of 2 years. The whiz kid also furnished the numeric details through his bank statements to a reporter that he made thousands of dollars by trading during lunch time and also rejected a few job offers for working in trading firms during his surge of becoming a Multimillionaire.

Mohammed Islam : Beginning of his Journey in Stock Market

The teenager when interviewed by one of his class mates told him that he had a thing for trading since the age of 11 under his cousin’s guidance who was working at Golden Sachs nut could not break the walls until he was 15 years old and wanted to be praised in the society. He also confirmed that his family’s financial condition was not good as his father is jobless and doesn’t like the fact that Islam is trading although his trading has helped the financial condition.

Mohammed Islam’s Journey from Rag to Riches

Now with the accumulated wealth he has now bought a new BMW sports car which he cannot drive because he does not have a license, rents a luxurious apartment in Manhattan and regularly takes his friends put for parties in high profile restaurants and feasts on caviar for hundreds of dollars and apple juice and is leading a lavish lifestyle and is often seen posting his party videos and pictures on social media.

Even after having all this wealth the teen’s family who are South Asian immigrants from our state of Bengal have refused his request to move put from their family home in Queens.

Mohammed Islam’s Idol and his Future Plan

Mohammad Islam states that he wants to become a highly successful hedge fund and that his inspiration in the trading world has been Paul Tudor Jones who ranks 108th richest people in the Forbes magazine and is the owner of a large equity management firm and hedge fund. According to Islam Jones’ never give up attitude helped him to cross the barricades and become a successful trader and along with his friends he wants to form a brotherhood well known in the financial world. So if he can achieve the goals he has set we might be looking at very exciting prospect whose future holds reputation and a lot of money for him.

His success story is an inspiration of teenagers and adults too who wish the bright future like him.

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