20 Personal Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for a job interview is mandatory, so research the company’s profile. Prepare for personal interview questions as these are wild card questions in any interview. What personal questions can be asked by an interviewer is difficult to analyze, but you can always do some preparations. The most important is to concentrate on your presentation.  The way you answer the question must not appear fake anywhere.  Keep a smiling face, you need not give a broad smile, but of course no frown on your forehead.

Here is a list of 20 personal interview questions and answers that are the best responses.

interview questions faq

Tell me about yourself

Divide into 3 parts.  First, say about your career history in short. Second, refer your accomplishments and give a brief description that you wish to achieve. Third, mention your career goals relating the job position now.

Why do you want this job?

Answer reflecting your personal goals.  Mention why this job appeals you and you intend being for longer time with the company.

What are your strengths?

Mention your strengths. Answer with an example. Be modest and not big headed. Your answers can be you are a fast learner and ability to communicate with people.

What are your personal weaknesses ?

This is a tricky question, so sound honest. Memorize this answer before and say you get too involved in work that you do not make time for yourself. You can say your MS PowerPoint skills need improvement and you are doing an evening course.

Why did you leave your last job?

First, do not criticize your previous job employers. Say answers such as: this position is an excellent match for my qualifications and knowledge or there is very little room for my career growth.

Why do you want to work here?

I can make a difference to my career growth that has limited choices with the current employer and also ensure the company benefits. Say something unique and keep it positive.

What do your colleagues think of you?

Say about how your colleagues remark on your ability to get things done timely, your friendly attitude and diligence.

What do you like in the present role?

Highlight the job requirements and say there are new challenges and I can communicate, learn more, be a team member and use initiatives in benefit of the company.

Achievements up to date?

Mention achievement that relates to the job applying for and specify how you saved money for your previous employer.

Any problem you have solved?

Bring a situation that highlights your increased efficiency and cut costs. It should display your ability in solving problems.

Where do you position yourself in four years’ time?

I aim to be a leader in my field so that I contribute to the company in earning more business. Keep it simple also by saying it depends on the career opportunities coming in my way and also how I perform in this job now.

5 Frequently Asked Personal Interview Questions and Answers

Say a biggest mistake made?

Admit a mistake, but with maturity such as I put too many years in one job, but it failed to give me growth opportunities or challenges.

How you cope with a tough colleague?

Say you will remain in control and concentrate on work. Thus, avoid taking to heated discussions and arguments, while do not hold grudges.

Dislike in the present job?

No negative comments instead mention as they are a small company to get opportunities for advancement or are too big that I am not able to acknowledge if I have achieved.

What do you do outside of work?

Highlight hobbies and interests related to the job you applied for. Talk about football, winning competitions or speaking foreign languages, etc.

What is your Current salary?

Never lie or stretch the truth.  I am paid outside the norm; I am paid as per current market rates on the high end.

Other Important PI Questions

What you enjoy in the industry you are in?

Be diplomatic and polite. You may say, the salary, the skill sets put into use and work experience.

Any questions?

Ask them about the coming trends in that industry or if you find me suitable, when you want me to start work.

Will you work late hours?

Never say no. Yes, if my job demands my immediate attention.

Are you ready to move to another place?

Yes, if suitable arrangements are available in the new place.

Preparing these frequently asked PI interview questions can help you crack any job interview.

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