SAT 2014 Examination: Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria and Top Universitites

The SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is an internationally recognized admission test for admission into Universities of the United States. The SAT 2014 will be held on 11th October, 2014. For that firstly requires is a thorough knowledge about the examination. This admission test is for the admission into the undergraduate programmes of top ranked Universities on the global scale. The admission procedure is conducted as per the SAT scores of the aspiring candidate. The candidates are shortlisted and allotted Universities according to their scores. SAT is conducted by the Generalized College Board  which is a non profit organization following their principles of equity and committed to excellence.

SAT: List of Top Ten Universities

According to the statistical analysis of last year, given below are the ten top Universities and the cut off SAT scores which they considered for admission into undergraduate programmes:

  • California Institute of Technology : 1545
  • University of Chicago: 1515
  • Harvard University: 1505
  • Princeton University: 1505
  • Yale University: 1500
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 1500
  • Vanderbilt University: 1490
  • Franklin W Olin College of Engineering: 1489
  • Washington University in St. Louis: 1485
  • Harvey Mudd College: 1480
  • Columbia University in New York City: 1480

The SAT tests the knowledge of the aspirant in the field of proper English grammatical reading, writing skills and also mathematical aptitude skills. It is considered as a measurement of capabilities of candidates seeking employment in leading US firms.

SAT 2014: Eligibility Criteria

Any candidate who has completed their schooling with a Board Pass Certificate from any recognized Board or University are eligible to sit for the SAT examination.

SAT 2014: Examination Paper Pattern

The SAT paper consists of ten sections on which a candidate is tested:

  • Section One is a 25 minute essay
  • Section Two to Section Seven are of 25 minutes
  • Section eight and nine are of 20 minutes.
  • The last section, Section ten is of 10 minutes having multiple choice questions.

SAT 2014: About The Syllabus

The SAT is divided into two parts:

SAT 1 : This is the objective Reading, Writing and Mathematics part of the SAT. The total marks in this part are 2400 and the scores are on a scale between 200-800. So if calculated, scoring 500 marks in each section is a must for admission into a reputed University.

SAT 2: This is the subjective 2400 test paper. The score in this case is also in a scale of 200 to 800.

The booklets distributed to the candidates in the examination hall will be of different paper codes.

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