Spring Interview Questions and Answers

Being a Java programmer, you must know the probable Spring Interview Questions before you appear for a job in an IT company. Spring framework is the most popular Java platform, using which Java applications can be developed with ease. This platform has been designed mainly for Java programmers and the developers around the world use this platform for creating high performing reusable code. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and Dependency Injection (DI) are the two main component of Spring framework.

Spring interview questions

Spring Interview Questions – Brief outline

Spring framework when compared with other Java platform is lightweight as far as size and transparency is concerned. It is only around 2 MB. Spring framework aims to make J2EE applications easier and for promoting good programming practice. It comprises of seven modules, such as, the spring container, spring context, Spring AOP, Spring DAO, Spring ORM, Spring Web Module and Spring MVC framework. If you are well acquainted with Spring framework, then you will easily get hired by any IT company that specializes in Java applications development.

Advantages of spring framework

There are several benefits of spring framework. If you know the expected Spring Interview Questions then it will become easier for you to answer the benefits related to spring framework as it is the frequently asked question.

The platform has layered architecture and depending on your requirement use what you need and can leave the rest.

It enables POJO programming. POJO enables continuous integration.

Spring provides consistent transaction management.

Spring has a well designed web framework.

It makes use of existing technologies like ORM, Quartz, JEE and JDK timers.

Frequently asked Spring Interview Questions

It is quite obvious to feel nervous when you appear for a job interview. But before appearing for the interview, if you become aware what type of questions is generally asked then you can stay tensionless and can emerge victorious in the interview. The most frequently asked questions are as follows:

What is Spring Framework?

What is Dependency Injection? What are its types and benefits?

What are the features and benefits of spring framework?

The above mentioned questions and basic knowledge of spring framework will enable you to get a job in a reputed IT company.

Online Spring tutorials are of great help

With the existence of online tutorials it has become easier for the job seeker to prepare for the interviews. If you are looking for a job in an IT firm, then you can also take help from the online spring tutorial. It is indeed essential for a Java programmer to know in details about the spring framework. Failing to answer a simple question related to spring framework in the interview board will turn into an embarrassing situation. So visit the online spring tutorial and know the expected Spring Interview Questions and have a successful IT career.

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