Tech Mahindra Interview Questions with Answers : HR and Written

Tech Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational company which provides IT services and IT consulting globally. Tech Mahindra recruits thousands of freshly graduated candidates per year since it has a lot of job opportunities. So here are some probable questions for the candidates aspiring a job in the company which are asked in the Tech Mahindra interview.

Tech Mahindra Interview Questions with Answers

Tech Mahindra Technical Interview Questions

The technical round of Tech Mahindra interview is basically that round where your knowledge in the practical field is tested. The probable  questions that can be asked in this round are given below :

  1. Introduce yourself or Tell me about Yourself.
  2. Where is the memory module located ?
  3. What is the difference between method overloading and method overriding ?
  4. What is thread priority ?
  5. What do understand by multithreading ?
  6. What is Appdomain ? Explain its working.
  7. Is it possible to use two versions of assembly at the same time? If possible explain it with a code.
  8. What is the difference between a Risk and an issue ?
  9. What are the different types of Integration testing ?
  10. What is the difference between interference and an abstract class ?

Tech Mahindra HR interview Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions in the HR round of Tech Mahindra  job interview are given below :

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
  3. What are your goals ?
  4. Will you go for higher education ?
  5. Rate yourself on a scale of 10 for handling disputes successfully.
  6. Will you be comfortable with working for long hours say 15 – 18 years ?
  7. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now ?
  8. Why do you think Tech Mahindra should hire you ?
  9. Why do you want to work for Tech Mahindra ?
  10. How much salary do you expect ?

Tech Mahindra Interview questions for Freshers

For CS / IT students :

The interviewing panel will expect a sound knowledge from the candidates of  CS/IT branch as they are especially trained for the software jobs. Some of the FAQs for the CS / IT students commonly asked in the Tech Mahindra interview are as follows :

  1. What is object slicing and how can it be prevented ?
  2. What is the difference between Delete and Truncate ?
  3. Explain the term normalization.
  4. What is the difference between request processor and request dispatcher ?
  5. How do you install Windows service ?
  6. What is the difference between severity and priority ?
  7. What is custom view and custom component ?
  8. What is multitasking ?
  9. What is the utility of business objects ?
  10. What is the difference between Array and Array list ?

For core branch students :

Since the core branch students are expected to have software knowledge along with the knowledge of their chosen subject, so some software related and some technical questions regarding their branch are asked in this round. So here are some FAQs for the core branch students in the Infosys interview :

  1. What is Java ?
  2. Differentiate between lead screw and ball screw.
  3. What is Rekey defect ?
  4. What is the utility of PM02 key ?
  5. What is the difference between layer 3 switch and a router ?
  6. Explain the reciprocity theorem.
  7. What do you mean by thermal overload relay ?
  8. What is JVM and what is its utility ?
  9. What do you understand by financial analysis and technical analysis ?
  10. Explain the V model.

Dos and Don’ts in a Tech Mahindra job interview :

 Dos :

Dress yourself in a formal attire and reach the venue 10 minutes prior to the given time.

Be yourself during the interview and remain confident.

Sit in the correct posture and maintain a proper eye contact with the interviewing panel.

Don’ts :

Do not reach late to the interview as it may create a negative impression of yours on the interviewing panel.

Don’t become nervous during the interview rather keep calm.

Do not show over confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions in Tech Mahindra job interview :

The interviewing panel in the Tech Mahindra job interview tries to test your personality, practicality and wittiness by asking some common questions that will help them to know about your personality. Some of the frequently asked questions in the Tech Mahindra job interview are as follows :

1. Why should this company hire you?

You must first mention the required degree of qualification that you hold and present your answer by stating that you not only have the educational qualification but you also have positive qualities like diligence, tenacity and flexibility when it comes to work for the company and meeting deadlines. You must also mention that you are a willing learner and in case you do not have knowledge regarding a particular field the job requires you are ready to step up and learn.

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Ans. If questioned about your strengths, be confident but not overconfident. Answer clearly stating your qualities and how it might be helpful when it comes to your company’s progress. And about your weaknesses, be honest in your answer. Tell them about all your weaknesses but at the end add a positive note to your answer, tell them that you will try your best to overcome your weaknesses as per the job demands.

3. Why should this company hire you?

An informal style of answering as well as over confidence should be avoided as far as this question is concerned. The answer to this question must be given in a smart and down to earth manner. First you must refer to the job description and requirements that was decided by the company and say that you will be able to fulfil the criterion as you are having the required degree of qualification, diligence, flexibility and tenacity. Also mention with a very honest approach that you will be of excellent disposal to the company as you are an efficient person with skills in the required field.

4. Money or Job satisfaction, which is more important according to you?

This is the most diplomatic behavioural question one can expect in a job interview. This question tests your personality, honesty and integrity and also your dedication towards the company. Lets us see consider the facts here. Of course we need a good salary when we are applying for any job. So that cannot be denied and the interviewers will too realise that the answer you are giving is not an honest one. So the answer can be framed in this way : Yes definitely, money  is an important factor, but for me the most important is job satisfaction. I cannot work diligently at a field which does not give me that willpower. I rather prefer to follow my interests and try and establish my career in a company which is guaranteed to give me complete job satisfaction

5. How much salary do you expect?

The answer to this question should seemingly straight forward manner. Instead of saying simply the salary you are expecting, rather you must begin your answer in a twisted way by telling them that for now what matters is how the company can help me to promote my career not the salary. Then add that having given your best for your company’s welfare you would sure feel excellent about having the deserving salary.

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