These 5 skills in IT will Boost your CV

Information Technology is in its best shape now. The sector is flourishing and the executives are expecting a great future ahead. This field of work is very dynamic and new skill requirements come up every now and then. Of course the experience is counted and given a lot of importance but for those who want to pursue a good career and start with a brilliant one, must have few arrows in their quiver that normally are rare.

boost your CV

Technical field always poses challenges to the aspirants. This is why learning few more skills give you a proper edge in the cutthroat competition. Below are the 5 skills that can differentiate from the crowd.

5 IT Skills You Must Hone – 1. Software Development

The entire IT industry focuses on this particular aspect. This is why the software developers are considered as one of the main requirements of every organization. You should learn the basic of the important areas of software development to earn good confidence of the hiring body.

Try to learn the basics of development, tools, framework and other philosophies used in this aspect. In this era of smart devices the most important area where one can lean and learn is application development and website development. The languages that deal with app and web development can be learnt to make the resume more impressive to the employer.

Cyber-security or Information security

The advent of social platforms in the internet world and the manifold use of personal information in various other online platforms like online banking and e-commerce websites have made the requirement of information security mandatory. As per the regulations the personal data or delicate information cannot be revealed or leaked anyhow for the security of the users. This is why all businesses having online presence must secure their domain from cyber threats. Being an Information Security professional you can emerge as prospective candidates for the IT companies as the security sector will rise even more in the future.

Database Development and Administration

Information is all that matters. In order to manage the huge incoming data the companies required professional with great technical skills to manage database. SQL based engines for database requires executive who knows how to handle the platforms and tools for big businesses.

Cloud Technology

Cloud based data management is on the run. Every big company tends to put its information in the cloud servers so that it can be accessed and managed remotely. This is where the professionals come into picture when the value and importance of cloud computing is calculated for a business.

Data Analytics

Every company works hard to figure out the strategy for the next year to keep up the competition in the market. This is why the organization of data is so important. Data analytics is very important to manage risks and form strategies. The employer looks for those who can dig and find the real value through this analytical process. Adding data analytical skill will be a win-win situation.


Other than learning varieties of languages and having experience in coding, the above skill sets can prove to be very helpful to boost the CV of an IT professional.

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