Things an Engineering student can do while in College

There is always a question what students should do while they are in college. Of course, it is always better to do something that could help you achieve experience so that you could find a better job after you finish your studies.

The focus that students have is studying and that should be a priority, however, there is always an option to choose to volunteer somewhere in order to reach the level of expertise as soon as possible.

There are numerous things that you can do if you are an engineering student, and everything depends on what kind of engineering are you studying.  There are five things an Engineering student can do while in College:

things to do in college

Three Billion People Online

IT revolution changed the way people think and that is the reason why there is every day more and more people that have smartphones, laptops and PCs. In the last few decade, the number increased rapidly and it is expected that in the next five years it will reach three billion.

You have to understand that those new people will have different aesthetic criteria, so it is better to put your focus on non-text and non-English interfaces that will help them understand how to browse and surf.

There are many people that don’t have the money for the PC and that is the reason they use smartphones as a tool, so your focus should be on Android platform and much more. It is great if you will have the possibility to learn more about these devices and their solutions because that way you will be able to understand the new trends.


You have to understand that more and more people will become better in understanding technological and computing devices, so there will be a need for experts that could teach them that. If you are an IT engineer student, you will be able to present yourself and to give your tutoring new approach. That will be a new way that could help you earn some extra money.

Check your ideas

Every assumption that you adopt will determine the effectiveness of your engineering solution. If you are true in it and you will be able to make great solutions, however, the thing that you assume has to be presentable in order to reach creative moments. So don’t fall into the maze of classroom problems where parameters are transparent, the idea is to reach to problems of the real world.

Learn effective communication

You have to be able to be comfortable with words and not just with numbers, so try to be creative and at the same time to express abstract ideas through mathematical and computer codes. However, language that you have to use in order to communicate effectively later in the life is important because that is the way you are going to present your ideas, so think about it while you are in the college.

Develop your creativity

It is important to break the stereotypes because you are the creator and not just a person who develops something that has already done. So don’t be a skeptic when someone tells you that engineers should be artists.

Do Something New

If you believe in an idea, college is the best time to execute it. You will have loads of free time. Make use of the spare time and do something that will help you in the longer run. Do not think much. Give it a try. After you pass out from your college, you will hardly get any time.

When I was in college I started content writing, providing freelancing services to clients, started my own take away counter. I learned SEO, digital marketing by myself, working on real projects. I started my own blog, which is still fetching me money every month. Now, I own a digital marketing firm in Bangalore.

Want to go for higher Studies? Read.

If you want to go for higher studies, you will need to crack their entrance exam. Start preparing yourself. For example, if you want to do M.Tech, start preparing for GATE. Or, if you are thinking for an MBA, start working on improving your communication skills.

Acquire Practical Based Knowledge

Why just stick to same college routine? Why not do a regular internship from a company? You will be able to learn a lot. Find good companies in your domain and go and meet them. Tell them about your ideas. Who knows? By the time you have a degree, the company itself may hire you seeing your dedication.

Attend Meetups and Network

There are so many meetup groups online. Create an ccount with some of them and attend those meetups. Netowrk with like minded people. This way, you will learn a lot from experience people, which will help you in a long run.

Start Taking Action 

We have presented you 5 things an engineering student can do while in college. Engineers have to become people that can combine mathematics, mechanics with creativity and imagination, so you have to embrace yourself in order to become better while you are still at school.

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