Top 10 Reasons TO Start Your Own Business

Not everyone is meant to follow their ‘dream job‘ at Mckisney or at that analyst post in Desutch bank. So all you left with venturing into a new stream? There are times where you opted for something offbeat. But not all offbeat paths are reassuring. At that moment, the apt thing to opt is being self-employed.  You are never in a dearth of  ideas, be it small or big. All  you need is the courage to venture into it.

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I would like to list top ten reasons why should  you start to own your business:

The biggest freedom:

Being a slave is not every one’s cup of tea. Not everyone  wishes to get dominated or listen to the dictates of their boss. Even if you had a good one, sometimes you do have  bad days. But owning your own venture will make you more focused, more strategically oriented and will make you more at ease financially. You don’t have to run for errands for someone  else’s deadline. All you have to do is read and work in peace.

A chance to live your passion:

Humans are trained in a periodical and monotonous way. We are expected to go through high school and college with a lucrative degree  at hand and then bag a “dream job” by getting placed in your “”dream company”. All this said done, I would like to release whta;s your next step? Increasing your financial status and then settling for a partner. But there will be a time in your life where all these achieven\ments became futile and will hold no more value to your life. All you are left with the regrets of your long lost passion for paintings, for writing, for a plant nurture and so one. So, given a chance, how lucrative it will be if you get a chance to turn your hobbies into businesses?

You are secured

As globalization and industrialization creep in faster and faster, no one knows when your company leverage on other companies,running with higher risk and eventually ending up being bankrupt. So was the case happened to the workers of Lehmen Bothers. People out there, sometimes, spend their wholelife living in fear of their job security.

You can have ‘quality time’

Joining corporate with a great package in hand is always a great kick to your career. But eventually, when you are pulled to the drudgery of your work, you are inevitably fall into the vicious circle of work,work and only work. How about having a life balace to your work? Unfortunately, you will struggle to have one and yet you will fail to miserably attain it. But owning your own business will give you ample time to scrutinize and lead your life in the way you ever wanted to have. You can have your own alloted agenda and to-do list, where you can prioritise the basic intention you want to have in your life along with your simultaneous income from your business.

Creativity is your next innovation

Not a single job out in the world will provide you to harness your creativity until and unless you are hell bend to harness your creativity in your own exemption. And by being an entrepreneur, you will be close to your heart calling, you will do what your heart dictates. At first, starting your own business will possess the financial constraints a big threat, but once you paddle through it, there are lot more dimensions to it rather than making you business a high investment business at start.

A promising future

Who knows you can the next Mark Zuckerberg or David Geffen as a matter of fact. They all were college drop-outs, practically directionless in life yet know how to aim at the bull’s eye.There are hordes of successful self made entrepreneurs who have started their career from a scratch.

If you are  a visionary

A  visionary never fails in his life. All he knows what he wants and how to attain it.And what’s more promising to live your vision than joining the wagon of self employed and quiitng your mundane desk job!

Strength of mind

During your high school till your grad school, sometimes fail miserably to commit to a greater level. You don’t know when and how you need to fulfil your goals? Because all you have this fluctuating character. You are not self-determined nor fixed. Everything is haywire. But venturing into something radical and offbeat will caught you off guard and yet you will recover it fully. You will know how it exactly feels to fail and how it becomes a main criteria to overcome your failure for your business. You will; earn dedication and perseverance. Most importantly the higher of success will drive to a glorious path than when you were a student.

Give chance to others

Your start-up  entrepeneurship will eventually lead to a big business one day. That day, probably you want to prove a  little more to your society through the art of giving. By giving the opportunity to others to work with you, by giving them job you make others lives secure.

Have your own team

Have you always dreamt of owning a team who is as anxious and hunger driven as you are? Who are as determined and focus as you are? Well, this time you get the opportunity to select your own crew  members. All you need to realize your vision to them so that they can join your wagon with full gusto as you.

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