Top 15 business ideas with low investment and high profit

Do you want to start up your own business? Are you looking up for more and more options which can tackle your low bank balance and fetch you higher income? There are actually a lot of business ideas that we sometimes overlook either because of our lack of knowledge, or interest. Sometimes we have the capital required to start a business, but keep wondering where should we invest our money. We decided to give you some new business ideas today.

Top Business ideas with low investment

Here, we are to help you out with 15 different kinds of business ideas that would serve your purpose and you can stay pretty well off in India.

low investment business

1. Giving private Tutions

If you have a good knowledge about your subject and you like to teach, share your skills about the subject ten you should opt for tuition. Once you become popular among the students, there is no looking back. You will have batches after batches of students coming to you. There is enough money in this field. All you need is to invest on books and brains. You can do tuition at your place and privately at their place.

Now, let us have a look at the profit one can get if he works for 6 hours a day. Time for some quick maths.

Let us assume, he teaches 3 batches everyday ( each 2 hours ). Number of students in each batch is 6. Number of days he teaches a batch in a week is 2. Considering Sunday as a holiday, number of batches he can teach is 10 batches, which means 60 students.

In a tier 2 and 3 cities, any good teacher can easily earn 1500 to 2000 INR per student per month.

After doing all the calculation, you can see that by providing private tutions, one can easily make 90,000 to 1 lakh INR per month.

With a good reputation, one can even earn triple the amount we have just calculated.

2. Event Management Business

Event Management is one evolving sector. People have become so busy these days that they cannot afford the energy and effort for planning an event. However, people expect grandeur in the events, so here these companies come in play. You have to take care of every small detail to be carried out in parties, marriage ceremonies starting from guests, menu, and venue, etc. you need to capture every moment of delight, you need to keep in mind about their needs, you need to keep your client happy ultimately. There are many innovation and management skills required in the business and maintaining contacts with suppliers are important. One can manage high profits while investing mainly on your advertising skills.

With one event, you can easily cash 70000 INR to 1 Lakh INR. Just imagine, how much you can make if you can seal 25-30 deals in a year.

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3. Home Delivery Business

If you are good at cooking then it is high time you use your skills on a higher platform around. Home delivery food business is on high demands because not everyone is accustomed to cooking. People staying away from home due to work, often miss their homemade food. Your food can make wonders, satisfying their taste buds and memories. It will earn you enough money and appreciation to your cooking boosting your confidence. All you need to have is large utensils, food products, and a deliveryman. You can even have partnership with Swiggy , the food delivery app.

How much money can you make with Swiggy in a month ? Swiggy has changed the way they do business recently. Nowadays, they partner with limited number of restaurants/take away counters. They provide business to the restaurant owners and in return they charge 20-25 percent from them. And can you guess, in a city like Bangalore, on an average, how many orders one get through Swiggy ? 30 orders a day. And even if you make a profit of 60 INR a dish, you still end up making Rs. 54000 in a month.

In addition to it, one can also partner with Foodpanda, zomato etc and make more money.

4. Candle Making

This falls under the small-scale businesses. Candle making is one very easy and low investing business. Our grandparents can also take part in making candles. All you need is hot wax and air to dry them up. Candles with varieties of colors, shapes, and smells have come up. The festival of light is incomplete without candles. These businesses never fail, and you invest less gaining more. This is one of the businesses that you can start with 1 Lakh INR budget.

5. Aloe Vera Production

Do you have a pot full of Aloe Vera growing in your garden? Why waste it keeping in pots? Buy more pots, grow, and help your neighbors grow it too. Aloe Vera is a useful plant with its effects on skin and systemic effects. You can make jars of Aloe Vera juice and sell them. You can cultivate the plants and sell off to people. The jelly can heal pimples, so boxes of jellies can be sold. People are health and beauty conscious, and anyone would prefer herbal items than chemicals. So you can easily earn from your kitchen garden.

6. Pet Creche

Do you like pets but don’t own one? Ladies and homemakers who get bored sitting at home can run pet creches. There is some hard work involved in cleaning up your home after they leave. However, when you are finally paid for living with the creatures you love so much, who cares. You can hire a house cleaner to clean up the rooms daily so you can maintain hygienic conditions. You will be helping many people who cannot give time to their pets and the pets would get company.

7. Dairy Farm

Cattle are called livestock for a reason, because one cow is enough to give enough profits that you do not need to look for jobs. Women at every household know how to make different dairy products. Curd, ghee, paneer, cottage cheese, yogurt and flavored milkshakes and many more. There are varieties of dairy products, which are sold every day. Your investment lies in packaging these products and if you want to do it on a large scale, then more livestock and skilled people.

8. Freelance Blogging

One of the best business ideas according to me is blogging. India is a free country and you have the freedom of speech. You can write whatever you wish. You can have your own site or you can write as guest posts. All you need to do is write in such a manner that people read your blogs and follow them. The more views you get you can earn more. In this manner, you can also gain publicity sitting in front of your computer. The only investment you have is the nominal amount subscription to open your own site.

9. Yoga Institution

Become the yoga teacher for all the fat aunties and uncles of your colony. Yoga might have been a part of your school curriculum and you may not have paid attention to it so much. Trust me being the yoga trainer will earn you many blessings. Firstly, it would keep you fit and then yours neighbours. You will be paid well for such classes. You can do them as a part time if you are a student. Learn the basic art of yoga and that is your investment.

10. SEO Consultant

This would need some good skills and qualifications. SEO is something that makes your site noticeable on search engines like Google. It involves knowledge about how search engines work, i.e. Google Algorithms, public relations and advertisements. You need to invest on educating yourself or open a firm where you can hire such analysts. Payments are decided on the success rates and that is how you get your profits.

Being an SEO Consultant, I know one can make a lot of money through SEO and hence, I have personally started an SEO firm in bangalore, where I provide services to corporate companies- Sanjib, founder of

11. Grocery Delivery

You can set up your own online or offline grocery delivery store and standby all those homemakers and working men who hate doing these extra jobs. You need to set target customers and lookout for grocery warehouses. You can tie up with You need to work on the necessity products and put them in the list for your online delivery site. If you already own a grocery shop, you can have deliveryman recruited. In this way, you can earn some extra profit and thus help your customers. You can set offers for your customers to avail the delivery system.

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12. Mobile Food Court

If you have a big tempo, you can use it as a mobile food court. These are most in use now days because it makes availability of many foodstuffs easily. Say, for example certain food items, which are specialties of certain districts, are, made available to other places through these food vans. You need to set proper locations such as in front of university gates or office buildings. This would really earn profits for you.

13. Party Entertainer

Birthday parties, sangeet ceremonies, iftaar parties, navratri ceremonies, cruise parties and many more have events where they need to have performances. If you have a troupe of dancers or singers or entertainers, you can avail them. It would also be a way to display your talents and you can earn good profits with almost no investment. Give a proper name to your troupe and pick up entertainment

14. Insurance Agencies

You can take up franchises of many insurance agencies and all you need is to have good oratorical skills and customer dealing capabilities. Insurance companies deal with insuring goods, cars, houses, and life. You need to take up franchises of reliable companies so that the trust build up comes easily and finally you need to show your outcomes in a year. You can earn handsome money investing only on your client convincing skills.

15. Car Rental

Rent your car for commercial purposes and get daily payments. You can hire a driver monthly and your investment lies only in the fuel costs. You can use your cars for cab services and enroll to Uber or Ola cabs. You get handsome payments just renting out your car for the contractual period.

Which according to you is the best business idea for the Indian Market ?

Among all the business ideas we have listed in this article, which one do you think, is the best for the Indian market. We will keep on adding new business ideas for 2017. If you have any business idea that you would like to share with us, please feel free to share under comments.

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