Understand the right WCF interview questions that you need must prepare

To prepare for WCF interview questions is not an easy job. You really need to work hard, study well and understand every concept thoroughly so that in interview nothing stops you to perform the best. WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) is a popular framework which is used for building different applications that are service oriented. People use it as a platform to deliver the services of different business among the end point users of Windows. This platform can be used by application that is hosted by IIS. If you need to prepare yourself for the interview, there are many online resources that may help. Go through some of the important WCF interview questions and give your best.

WCF interview questions and answers

WCF interview questions that you need to Know

Can you explain the major endpoints in WCF?

This is one of the common WCF interview questions that is asked by many interviewers. Its answer goes like this:

There are three major endpoints called Contract, Address and Binding. If you remember the meaning for every end point then you can explain the same. Such as:

  • Address focuses on the service location such as http://Myserver/MyService. Such address is used for communicating with service of that particular application.
  • Contract is a simple interface that links the server and a client. To link these two parties, it uses a specific attribute.
  • Binding includes the communication of two parties called as protocols and encoding. It actually determines the transportation of the communication.

What is the working of WCF?

It is based on the model called Software as a Service. In this model, there are different unites of functionality which are called as services. For a smooth flow of communication, every point no matter whether it is a portal or connected with the client, WCF is required for exposing the collection endpoints.

Are you aware about the term ‘Binding’?

This is another important WCF interview questions that you may want to consider. This is a process that explains the right way to access the service which is hosted. It defines the right way of communication protocol which can be used for communicating between the client and service. It defines the configuration such as size of the message, security, and reliability to name a few.

Explain the difference between the Web service and WCF

The main difference is web services can easily be invoked with the help of HTTP where as in case of WCF, the components are invoked with the help of protocol. Second difference is web services are not flexible whereas WCF is extremely flexible.

While preparing for the WCF interview questions prepare you with some other information about it that includes features such as it is scalable platform to message, it is service oriented, offers better security. You need to also understand its benefits such as the messages are quite durable and it is location and language independent.  You must also go through some other important questions that are related to the WCF transaction, Dead letter and Volatile queues, MSMQ two way communications and level of transaction isolation which is mentioned in WCF.

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