10 Mistakes to Avoid in any Job Interview

Interview is the foremost thing to concentrate, but what you must not do during your job interview is more important to know. There are few common mistakes that ruin even a good opportunity. Mistakes are done even before your realize it and all your hard work vanishes in no time. Yes, the interview day is a day of butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms. But reducing stress level is possible, if you are aware of the 10 mistakes to avoid in your job interview.

job interview tips

Turning up late

Comprehend the place you are going and the time taken to reach there. Also do a practice run. Allow 30 minutes extra for the delays or traffic issues. In case, you are running late for unexpected reasons, call your interviewer and keep them informed.

Dressing Down

Check with someone in the same industry about the dressing sense, if you are uncertain. Yet, if you are not convinced, go for a formal dress, a dark trouser and a suit/skirt with a smart top or shirt.

Being unwary or cold

Knowing your CV thoroughly is very important. Make sure you are prepared in respect to the job description you have mentioned and prepare on the skills and strengths. Practice all the questions that an employer may expect you to do.


Avoid lying, whatever it may be. It may be about your jobs done, your knowledge or skills, be careful, anything can trip you down. You may think you have lied successfully, but your interviewer catches it out easily, so do not make an embarrassing situation.

Condemning previous or current employer

Talk about that you wish to achieve. Never be bad-mouthed about the previous or current employer. This fails your impression as the interviewer considers you are not worth working with.

Analyzing the company interviewing you

Interviewers ask candidates, if there are reasons or ideas to be improved. If you have any idea, answer politely. Avoid analyzing the company by saying the ‘window display is not good or the marketing campaign is weak’. Do not interrupt when an interviewer is saying something. Even if it cannot be accepted, you may just listen. There is no need to voice your opinion.

Textbook responses

Display your personality; be honest about your strengths and skills. Do not just memorize answers. This is because sometimes the questions are the same, but differs with situation. It is important to listen carefully, before answering any question.

Appearing rude or arrogant

Showing confidence in an interview is the best. Remember do not take it to arrogance levels. Do not interrupt your interviewer, listen to each word very carefully and attempt no jokes. Ensure you do or say nothing offensive.

Not inquiring questions

You may ask few questions at the end, when the interviewer asks you if you have any queries or when the interviewer shows confidence in you and is interested in you. Asking questions is correct, but some fall-back questions are such as what are the training opportunities given to an employer and about the workplace culture or what are the career opportunities made available.

Being calm and keeping nerves in control

An interview is the time that your nerves wreck you down. It is also the time you make difficult mistakes. Use techniques to stay calm, keep nerves in control and work on relaxation tips to stay stress free.

Time and again interviews keep coming and you have to attend. But each time, there is a fear. However, you must focus on the mistakes to avoid and ensure you are the perfect candidate seeking a job.

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