5 Basic Interview Questions And Answers

Entering the corporate world in these competitive times is not a piece of cake. The interview is a thorough procedure which determines the fate of a candidate applying for a job. So your performance in an interview is the most vital. You have to be honest when you answer and be sure to make an impression before the panel. Crack Job Interview is here to provide the five basic types of questions an interviewer can ask the aspiring candidate.

The First Question: Tell Me About Yourself

This is the first basic question an interviewer will ask the aspiring candidate is ‘Tell me about Yourself‘. This is the introductory question where you can make your first impression so you must answer it. Provide a brief overview of not more than 3-5 minutes relating your accomplishments regarding the job you have applied for, your qualification, amount of experience and your skills.

basic interview questions

Your answer should be framed in the following manner: Myself, Debarati Roy. I have over four years of experience in the field of Public and Corporate Relations as I have been a part of my University E-Cell and WOW team who had worked in a collaboration with Google Business Group of Bhubaneshwar. I am also a regular article writer for crack job interview. My efficiency when it comes to my job is my accuracy and my ability to deal with deadlines and submit my work before that. So, I will be of perfect disposal to your company and will be honest in my work and straightforward in my approach.

The Second Question:  Tell Me Your Greatest Weakness According To You?

This question needs a thoughtful answer. Your answer should not hamper your position, yet you must be honest in your approach as in such cases honesty is indeed the best policy. So the answer can be framed in the following manner:

My weakness according to me is my straightforward nature as in the corporate avenue, some amount of diplomacy is required. I can definitely build up those diplomacy skills and apply it when required through proper training and with time. Another weakness is that I am slow when it comes to adapting to changes. Moving from one environment to another is not my forte though of course with time I develop the potential to adapt well. I am still working on how develop these skills.

The Third Question: Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

This question is a very diplomatic one. With this question the company judges your interest towards your job as your aim will reflect the potential you can give to the company and if you would like to switch jobs in future or not. So answer it very carefully. Your answer can be framed in the following manner:

No one knows what is coming for him or her in the next five years. But I definitely see myself as a successful employee who is giving the best to help the company move towards further progress. Obviously every company has a goal and proper planning for the next five years in these competitive times. Thus sir/maam, if you can kindly tell me your agenda for the next five years I will be of perfect help to you if I get a chance to work here?

(Note: You must turn the question towards the interviewer in the given manner as then you can find out whether this company is worth working for or not).

The Fourth Question: Why Particularly This Company?

This question is asked by every interview board about their company to analyse the aspiring candidate’s dedication towards them. So do your homework, know about the company and answer accordingly. This is the way in which you can frame your answer (suppose the hypothetical company is IBM):

IBM is one of the most privileged multinational software company where every year a new breakthrough is made when it comes to software avenues. We all know that an IBM employee is recognized all over the world as IBM is ranked globally by fortune. Thus working here would mean a field of new experiences, new learning and most importantly job satisfaction. It will be an honour to work for IBM, and I assure you that I will give my best to take this company towards further progress. Replying with positive attitude will surely increase your chances to crack IBM job interview.

The Fifth Question: Have You Faced Any Failures?

We all have faced failures, so in this case again honesty is the best policy. This will give a good impression to your interviewer as he will be able to analyse your acceptance of failure with this question. Your answer can be framed in the following manner:

Yes I have had my share of failures in life. One of my major corporate failures was when I was in the KIIT E-Cell team and I had a deadline of getting five mentors for ourselves within a week and I failed to do so which hindered the performance of my team as well as E-Cell on a whole. This incident made me very particular about deadlines in future.

Any Better Answer for these Basic Interview Questions?

If you have got any better answers for the interview questions which I have shared with you, please comment below. We would like to know how you would answer these most common interview questions.

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