5 Creative Resume Examples and Samples

Often in job interviews the resume acts as a representative sketch of a candidate who is sitting for an interview. It illustrates your qualification, strengths and boosts up your profile of written in a smart and professional format. When writing a resume focus on all key points to include. Now there are many formats of the resume as per the requirement of company and the type of job you are applying for. The following are the formats of resume on which are given below, some creative examples:

Resume Writing

Mini Resumes

Debarati Roy,
Niladri Apartments,
Bhubaneshwar- 751024.
[email protected]
Digital Engineer:
• 2 years paid internship in Varizan Hardwares, India and designing of Integrated Mechanical models.
• Affluent in Java, C, C++ and .net.
• Entrepreneurship Cell, KIIT University.
• Certification of merit from Texas Instrumentation.

Chronological Resume: Written In Reverse Chronological Order

Email/ phone.
Current Position In The Job Sector:
Fill in reverse chronological order with the most recent qualification you have attained first and go backwards.
Education And Training:
List your latest field of education first and then revert to your alma mater. Same goes to training.
Awards and Recommendations:
Again list all your achievements and certified awards in the reverse order and especially focus on the awards that is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Functional Profile Resume

Email/ phone.
State the position you wish to apply for and your qualities that can help the company if you are working in the position stated by you.
Qualifications Summarized:
Write all your major qualifications, any internships or related sectors which have credited you for your work. Also lists your strengths and weaknesses in the process in a subtle manner.
Accomplishments in the Professional Sector:
List all the companies you were or are associated with, their recommendations in your favour and the professional segments of the job that you can perform meticulously. Also state how you professionally tackled a crisis situation when it was associated with the company you were working with or during your internship period.
Educational Qualification:
State all your educational qualifications including your alma mater, academic merits and your performance as stated in the grade sheet.

Headline Resume

Email/ phone.
State your experience in relation to the job you are applying for and list all professional sectors you have been associated with.
Educational Qualification:
Your educational qualification will include your institutions and Universities, your career degrees that you have attained and your academic report card.
Skills Related:
List all the skills you possess that can help the company you are applying for go in a progressive direction. Convince your employer that when it comes to handling deadlines or crisis situations, you will not fail and prepare yourself accordingly.

Resume Targeted To A Professional Platform

Email/ phone.
Professional Qualifications:
List all your expertise areas and professional strategies that have had a positive impact in the past. Also list all your strengths when it comes to handling situations in a job sector.
Professional Experience:
In this section state all your professional work platform. It may be the internships you had applied for or an experience based job in some company.
Educational Qualification:
List all the institutions or Universities you have attended, your academic performance and the professional degrees you have achieved till date.

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