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5 Things you can do to avoid being fired from your job

The market around is tough for youngsters. Especially with the given crisis for jobs in the developing countries, after graduation or post-graduation finding your dream job is really a herculean task. After such toils and pains of getting your job, it would be a nightmare for you

These 5 skills in IT will Boost your CV

Information Technology is in its best shape now. The sector is flourishing and the executives are expecting a great future ahead. This field of work is very dynamic and new skill requirements come up every now and then. Of course the experience is counted and given a

These 10 qualities will get you a job right away

For any big or small company along with a good CV even some necessary qualities are needed in the candidate whom they look forward to choose. Looking at the increasing competition in the market, employers don’t really prefer to waste time on giving training to the employees who

10 tips that will get you a job with no experience

This post is specially written for the fresher students to help them get a job without any prior experience.  These days to get a job with good pay as a fresher have become a challenging task. After graduation, when you apply for a job, the interviewer will

How to get a job in Civil Engineering as a Fresher

Civil Engineering belongs to core sector in the field of jobs. There are many career options once you complete civil engineering but it is equally true to join as a fresher you need to face many challenges. It is always to be prepared for the interview questions and

Pizza Hut Careers: Easy Part Time Job

There is no dearth of job opportunities with Pizza hut careers. Students studying abroad look for earning opportunities. Pizza hut offers wide array of job opportunities starting from part time, full time to entry level and casual jobs. If you are also looking for a part time

10 Mistakes to Avoid in any Job Interview

Interview is the foremost thing to concentrate, but what you must not do during your job interview is more important to know. There are few common mistakes that ruin even a good opportunity. Mistakes are done even before your realize it and all your hard work vanishes

Multiple Offers : How to say No to a Company ( Job Offer )

Who doesn’t want multiple job offers from different companies clamoring to get you in, it feels awesome to receive two or more offers. And the entire process of picking up the right offer might be confusing for you, because it’s the decision for your career and the

Best Online Jobs You Can Do from your Home

Last 2 years has brought a revolution in the digital world. Now almost to do anything, you would need the help of the internet. People are now sitting at their homes and earning money using their desktops/laptops. Well, one need to be skilful to get a job

My Plans for 2016: New Year, New Plan

My Goal in 2015 was to earn as much as I made in 2014 but all I could manage was 50 percent of what I planned. I am not totally disappointed with the result because I understand that I did not put much effort and it was