10 tips that will get you a job with no experience

This post is specially written for the fresher students to help them get a job without any prior experience. 

These days to get a job with good pay as a fresher have become a challenging task. After graduation, when you apply for a job, the interviewer will either ask for the experience that you hold or further education that you have pursued. In today’s market, the companies only prefer for the people with prior experience no matter how ready and qualified they can be for the job. That is why; it can be a daunting task to convince the managers to hire you with a no experience. This can be quite frustrating, but here are some tips that can definitely prove helpful for you.

job without experience

Make your own experience

As per the research made on the education and employment across the world, it has been noted that candidates who have some experience of working in any company can prove beneficial. Candidates can apply for internship or volunteer themselves in certain coursework like college GPA which holds a great importance for the managers. Internship is the best platform to get at least the basic experience along with your good academics scores that can help you find good reputable colleges. When you apply for an internship, remember, that such type of jobs doesn’t pay you much and all you get is good education.

Make a commitment and abide it

Most of the people blame their destiny or luck to not get a good job in spite of having good qualification. The prime reason that most of the people are not successful is because they don’t make the right decision and give a commit to the career which they decide. There are times when you have to say no for few things. That is why when it comes of a career direction, you must have patience, look for the right step that can bring you closer to the job in which you want to make a good career.

Don’t look for money, look for experience

At the starting stage of your career, sometimes it may be difficult to get a job without experience and even if you get it as a fresher, it does not necessarily mean that you will get a good pay. After achieving a degree, your target should be to work in a company that can give you relevant experience irrespective of the pay they offer. Even a one year of experience at a small company with less is more than enough for you to switch to a reputable company.

Share your experience of Job search

There are many online job portals where you will find people either seeking for solution on their job problems or providing the solution on the job search pain. Make this platform as the best source to share your experience and learn from others on how they achieved the success in finding a job without experience.

Enhance your skills

It is not necessary that all managers would look for only experience. If you have skill, confidence and have the ability to grab the interviewers attention to your CV then you must do it. Make your resume precise, simple and equipped with lot of skills which may prove beneficial for the company where you intend to apply.

Be ready for different options

There are times when you may end up getting selected by the company for temporary position. Well, don’t consider it as a setback but certainly take it as a positive approach to grain experience. Even if the job is temporary but the experience that you get from it will help you get a good job in future.

Increase your networking

There are many platforms in social media which you can utilize and get connected to the recruiters who are always looking out for the skilled candidate. Create a good resume and share your career interest on such social platform.

Do a Needful Research on companies

There are some companies who offer less pay and provide extra training. They also create positions that would help a candidate gain a good experience. Utilize it as the best entry level opportunity for yourself.

Look for professional accreditation

There are many companies that plan for accreditation like a conference, weekend course and even online training. Enroll for such opportunities and highlight the same in your CV as it would increase your credibility in the industry.

Join a professional community

Your friends and colleagues can be the best source to understand if the company in which they are working provides you a freelance job or have an opening for a candidate with no experience. A freelance job also holds a good experience.

To end up achieving something big, you always have to start from small. Have patience and keep trying as your proactive steps can make a big difference and open new job opportunities for you.

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