How is the demand for MBA graduate Freshers in India in 2016?

MBA is one of the demanding programs in today’s time due to great career opportunities with a good annual package that is being offered to the students. In India, the demand for such career was quite restrictive earlier but in today’s time, the MBA graduate Freshers are a lot more in demand in different departments of the organizations. Depending upon their qualification and experience, their annual package is decided. Some students also have a great opportunity to work abroad. In Government sector too, the MBA aspirants can apply for the job. There are certain courses which the person needs to accomplish to get job in government field.

Demand of MBA Freshers : Survey

The survey which was carried out concluded that more than 159 companies from 31 countries have a strong demand for MBA students in the year 2016. The year seems to be promising a bright career prospect for the students in different industrial sectors. Nearly 56% of the employers are planning to increase the base salary of the MBA pass outs more than the rate of inflation. The employers in today’s time consider B-school students to be extremely valuable for the business entire due to their qualities skills of managing a business by preparing an organize strategy.

MBA holds a good competition in the market

There are many qualified employees in the market today who have been looking for the job in which they can showcase their skills to make the difference. MBA is one such advanced degree that is preferred by many employers for improving their business. Just like master’s and doctorate have a great scope in the market, the MBA degree holders with a good experience have a great career scope with a good annual package and chance to work overseas. It is said to be the toughest competition for other career in the market today.

You can earn while learning MBA

Another reason why the demand for MBA graduate freshers in India is quite high in the year 2016 is the internship. MBA students who tend to study can apply for internship and get experience. In India, employers seek for experienced employees to contribute in their business and MBA students can gain the same through internship from a reputed company. Employers get experienced freshers with a fresh planning which can be utilized for the business.

India is a country with vast job opportunities especially for the people who can contribute in economy’s growth. MBA students can make a great difference in economy and that is why in 2016, it seems to be more in demand.

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