How much you can Earn with an MBA Degree in India

After earning an MBA degree from a reputable college, you don’t really have to worry about the job opportunities. There are many good companies who are willing to hire people with this degree especially if they are passed out of a popular college. In India, there is quite a lot of demand for MBA fresher’s mostly in marketing and financial services sector. In fact research also says that more than 50 percent of business schools have a recruitment campus for the companies who can conveniently hire the students of right capability. This definitely proves that job demand and salary structure for MBA graduates is quite good as compared to other countries.

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Know about the career opportunities for MBA students

MBA is an interesting course but it also depends on how you handle the course. There comes a time when you may have to attend internship training for some company. Depending upon how hard you work there and take the project seriously, it is decided on whether to give you a pre-placement offer or not. There are many career opportunities for MBA students which includes being a professor in the world’s best renowned B-school, be a part of financial management in a reputable financial company, play a role of HR in a well known company or be the marketing heard in some popular advertising company. It all depends on the subject that you choose and score that you get.

Factors on which annual Salary of an MBA degree holder is decided

To earn a good salary package directly depends on the hard work and knowledge that you give to the company. As a fresher you may not earn that high but as you start showing your capability, you will get good perks and benefits and eventually a hire in the salary too. There are number of factors on which your package will be decides such as your marks, subject specialization, state, designation, and potentiality. Your salary bar is also decided on the performance, thinking and the way you represent yourself in front of Interviewer.

How much can a MBA degree holder earn in India

The research made by some of the great MBA toppers has concluded that India is the hub for best job opportunities after completing MBA. India is a country that needs more number of trained managers who can give their best to improve the current economy. The average salary offered to MBA fresher Rs 3.2 lakh per annum. If the person has an experience of working as an intern then the pay can go up to Rs 4.7 lakh per annum. Students from  best Symbiosis colleges are given an average salary of 10-15 Lakh per annum, where as the new Symbiosis Colleges offer 4-5 LPA on an average. With an MBA degree from one of the top B Schools in India with 4-5 years of experience can help the candidate earn more than 15 LPA.

If you do an MBA from any of the top 10 private MBA colleges in India, you can expect an average salary of 10-15 LPA. The top salary of an MBA from IIM A, B or C goes in Crores, while 20-25 LPA being the average.

Your focus should be clear and that is to work hard and score well so that after completing MBA, you get placed among the top companies. Even after passing out from an average MBA college you will get a job opportunity but if your aim is to earn a good package and get placed in a reputable company, then right from entrance exam of the top college till the final exam, study hard and you will be paid for your hard work.

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