How to get a job in Civil Engineering as a Fresher

Civil Engineering belongs to core sector in the field of jobs. There are many career options once you complete civil engineering but it is equally true to join as a fresher you need to face many challenges. It is always to be prepared for the interview questions and study thoroughly on different concepts to provide yourself as the best candidate for the job. In this competitive world, the chances for freshers at the beginning will be quite struggling. That is why; follow some easy tips to get a job in Civil Engineering as a Fresher. Always remember the more certification and knowledge you acquire, the higher are the chances for you to get selected.

Understand different opportunities that place you in a better position

Along with Civil engineering, you can go ahead and complete your M.Tech in Structural, Transportation, Geo-Technical, and Environmental engineering to name a few. You are also eligible to apply for Indian Engineering services that hold a good position too. This can reflect in your CV and that would definitely help the interviewers understand how well you are qualified and what all knowledge source of yours can be helpful for their business.

However there are a few things one can try though to land a promising job in this sector:

civil engineering jobs for freshers

Learn Autocad, StaadPro and other important Civil Engineering Software and Tools

Civil engineering is no doubt a challenging career path but to get selected for this job role. For this, it is always better to stay updated for which leaning new things are important. Explore some new tools that are quite used in the industry such as 3D modeling software.

In the second year of your college life, learn Autocad. And when I say learn , I mean it. It is not just about a certificate. You should learn different aspects of Autocad in such a way that you should be able to design any civil Engineering structure using the tool. The reason I said you to start it in the second year is you will have enough time to learn and implement the same. Try and make house plans using Autocad. Keep practicing. Even if you do not get a job through your campus, you will definitely get a designing job.

Learn StaadPro after completing your 5th semester. You can either pay for the class or refer the tutorials online and understand how to create the models with such tools. You can then put it in your CV which would be more impressive.

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Study from Online Sites

Go for an Internship in the same career:

There is high scope for you to opt for internship in civil engineering. Don’t be bothered whether the company pays you or not as you should only care about getting an experience and learning the most out of it. It also will keep your fundamentals of the knowledge brushed up and you will never miss out any big opportunity.

Sign up in Job Recruitment Sites

Additional Tip : Make a LinkedIn account and start networking with CEO’s and HR’s from Civil Engineering companies. Approach them for internships. Next step is to convert the internship into job.

Besides LinkedIn, Sign up in sites like, and Recruiters pick good resumes from these sites.

Read Newspaper ads everyday

Go through newspapers everyday. Most of the Civil Engineering/construction companies gives advertisement on newspapers about the requirement. You can pick companies from newspapers too.

Refer online sites for better knowledge

Along with learning tools, you must go through informative sites that can guide you about the courses that can increase your chance of making a career in engineering such as IISc, and edX.

Email them or visit them in person

Make a list of Civil Engineering companies in your area. Write a mail to each of them. Visit personally to as many companies as possible. I am sure you will be able to get one job from any of the companies. Once you are in, it will be easy to get the next job as you will no more be a fresher.

Try Freelance

If you are a recently passed out student from Civil Engineering branch and know AutoCad/Staad Pro nicely, sign up in freelancing sites and start to apply for jobs related to Civil Engineering – AutoCad design, Staad Pro and start delivering designing projects. This will not only enhance your skills and knowledge, but also help you in earning money in return.

Always keep looking for Job Opportunities

It is always better to focus on the job that you had always desired for but for this patience and confidence matters the most. You can look for some other job which is indirectly related to your career specialization. This will improvise your team work and communication skills and will not show that there has been any long gap in your career.

It is always better to keep trying and maintain the confidence level. Always remember, as a fresher, you will not get job so easily. The more you equip your CV with good courses and great internship experiences, the higher are chances for you to get a job in a reputable company. For this, you must practice, keep yourself updated and keep trying

Warning: Stay away from Fake Recruitment Mails and Calls

Warning: You may get fake emails from L&T and other construction companies. Do not fall for such traps. You may also get calls from consultancies asking you to deposit money and in return they would allow you to sit for job interviews. Do a research of those companies before paying. Most of these recruitment are fake.

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