How to make your job application letter stand out: 6 tips

The process of job hunting can be stress and often a competitive one. You may end up liking a company profile but unfortunately the company might have hired some rival of yours. At such time, you may feel discouraged and disappointed but it does not mean that your life ends here. You simply have to keep moving, explore new areas, find out new companies and most importantly make your job application look appealing. A good job application grabs the attention of the employers and they get a clear idea about the reason for which they must hire you. Remember, job application is the face of your skills and abilities that you wish to showcase.

job application

Make the resumes that are SEO optimized

These days the trend of online marketing has grown to such an extent that now people are looking out for the job with merely a keyword research. If you wish to explore and get selected by the employers through this research, then make your resume SEO optimized which means stuff the keywords in resume in such a way that it could be easily searched by the employer.

Make bullets

Your resume should have more bullet points and one- liners. The better it is short the simple, the more you have chance to get hired. Remember, your resume must give a brief idea about your skills and abilities in such a way that employer should not take time to read it. Use the easy understanding English. Overstuffing the high vocabulary words will not catch the attention of the employer.

Do not go in detail about basic information

Make it simple and stuff only those details that are more than enough for a company to know. Your name, date of birth, gender and email ID along with contact details is what expected to be mentioned in the basic information. Your job application letter should have more details about the relevant experience and education that you have done so far.

Highlight your skills and capabilities

This is the most crucial part of your job application letter. You must highlight every detail of the certificate, skills, and strengths that you can give top your company and explain them how it can prove beneficial for the growth of the company.

Do not forget to mention your personal interests

Often a time, employees feel that this part is not necessary. Well, don’t fall for all of this and make sure you fill up all the necessary details in it as it can only help the employer understand how active and participating you can be. It also implies whether you have the ability to volunteer for any work. It would be great if you list down the blogs that you have written so far or the awards that you have received in some recreational activities.

Mention connections

If you know someone who works for the company already, mention their name in the cover letter. This will catch the attention of the person reading your documents and show that you already have some knowledge of the company and a reference from within. Use your network to your advantage to connect you with job openings and give you more insight into the companies you are applying to.

Get LinkedIn

Open a LinkedIn account and update your resume in it. It is the best platform to reach the prospective employees and show your skills. Although it is a social networking site but it is used mostly for the self promotion so make the right use of it, participate in group discussion and target the companies that you have been always dreaming to work with.

With above guidelines, you can definitely make your application letter stand out to be the best and unique. But you are always advised to choose the company wisely, read the profile which they are looking for and modify your CV as per the profile only if you have actually done those courses and have the knowledge which you are expected to show. Your job application letter must be decent and should be easy to read and simple to understand. Crisp, short and precise information is expected in such type of letter.

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