Most Common Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

To set a career is electrical engineering is not an easy task. With so much competition out there, bright minds are chosen after few consideration and thorough interview to test the capability. Many companies in today’s time are looking forward to hire such active people who can play the best role in Electrical Engineering. The product will never get accomplished if there is no support from the electrical engineers. This is the main reason why businesses hiring such people ask challenging technical question to judge the knowledge of the person who applies for this position. Listed are some of the most common question and answers that you must be prepared while applying for an Electrical Engineering job interview.

Electrical engineering interview

Why you chose electrical engineering as your career path ?

This is the most common question which usually an interviewer will ask at the beginning. So prepare with the right answer and be honest about it. You must mention your interest and how it made you choose this career.

Can you explain the difference between the alternator and the generator?

Slowly after the personal question, your interviewer will switch to technical questions and this one will be one of the most common. You must be clear with the concepts of alternator and generator. You can answer this by explaining them that these are the two devices that have the ability to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Both of them follow the electromagnetic induction principle. But the only difference is Generator has the rotating conductor with magnetic field while alternator has the stationary magnetic field and rotating armature field.

Can you explain the term System?

There are times when different components and elements needs to be connected to each other in a organized way. With this it becomes easier to group the elements and perform certain functions. This process of constitution is called a System.

In the Induction motor there is a slip present, can you explain the role of slip in it?

This has been the most common question that many employees have come across. Whether there is a difference between the rotor speed and the flux speed, it is called a slip. The Symbol ‘S’s represents the slip and is always expressed in percentage.

Why AC system is is preferable over DC System?

There are many reasons that make AC system preferable over DC system such as:

  • It does not require much maintenance. Even it can easily change the AC electricity voltage that can be used for distribution and transmission.
  • The cost that is required for the entire planting of the transmission is lower that DC system such as transformers and circuit breakers.
  • Even in the power station, AC is made so that DC doesn’t needs to be converted.

The best way to get success in this career is by making your technical base strong and be active enough to answer every problem associated with it. Go through the above Electrical Engineering interview questions thoroughly and achieve the uses with flying colors.

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