Multiple Offers : How to say No to a Company ( Job Offer )

Who doesn’t want multiple job offers from different companies clamoring to get you in, it feels awesome to receive two or more offers. And the entire process of picking up the right offer might be confusing for you, because it’s the decision for your career and the life ahead. A decision about what suits you the best and where you would be comfortable enough. Eventually you will accept only one and the best offer but refusing offers is not that easy because somewhere your professional integrity and brand are at stake.

multiple offers

Handling Multiple Job Offers

There can be several scenarios of getting multiple job offers, and according to the situation you need to prepare yourself before accepting and declining them.

Consider a simple scenario where you have already accepted an offer from a company that approached you first and soon after your acceptance second proposal from another company approaches you with more attractive offers and benefits. What would you do then, would you like to turn down your previous offer and go with the new one or simply refuse the second offer. So the best solution for such situation would be to delay your decision and evaluate the job offerings carefully. But yeah, make sure the delay is not too long that the employers become impatient. You can ask for discussion meeting or for some more time to think carefully on the offer.

Although your hands are on profit but your professional brand and reputation are at stake and in such situations, refusing the second order is the most ethical and well appreciated decision. Or else if you really want to grab the second opportunity then make your the benefits you will be getting fits your personal and professional goals better than the earlier accepted offer. And once come up with a decision, then tell the recruiter as soon as possible, and in any case be honest in your answer and proceed politely.

Refusing And Declining An Offer

Accepting an offer is a awesome feeling, a feeling of achievement but when it’s about refusing or declining an offer, it’s bit awkward to say no to a less valued opportunity.

However, refusing an offer can be great tool for self branding and for building relationships with other people.

How to say no when the job offer is not fit for you

You can refuse the offer without taking much time since you can figure out the reason by analyzing the benefits, job environment, future scopes etc And once you know that the job is not the right fit for you, give formal courtesy of refusal to the employers as soon as possible. You can either call them directly or send an email mentioning the reason of refusal.

You can use something like in your call or e-mail too:

“Hello, [employer’s name], this is [your name] calling in response to your job offer  for the post [post name]. I am calling to let you know that I have come up with a decision of not accepting the offer [ your reasons]

  • And the reasons are personal
  • I have decided to accept other competing offer.
  • Because I feel I am not fit for your organization.

You may or may not disclose the reason but expressing the actual reason will be better for building relationship and your brand so just be honest and formal. And in any case do not come up with any negative thoughts about the organization like “the offer is not exciting “ OR “the organization is bad”.

How To Say No For A Non-Negotiable Offer

It’s completely the duty of organization to present you the best offer in the negotiations so if you feel the offer is non negotiation then simply refuse with a short and direct formal courtesy.

In the end thank them for giving you their precious time and assistance.

Last two sentence must include the your gratitude so tell them that you would love to stay connected and help them for any future requirements.

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