Should you do an MBA?

Career is an important factor that decides our identity. The decision of choosing a career is crucial and critical. Check your reflection and do some research and find out which profession suits the best. If you are more management oriented and like to build strategies or lead a team then MBA can be the doorway to your successful career.

MBA or not

Know About the MBA program in Detail

The curriculum demands two years of a person when enlisted in the full time course. There are a lot of branches based on various pillars of a business like finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and operations. It is a degree that is offered to a student of professional who has a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. The program can be full time, part time, distant learning and executive. There is a part of the academic session which offers specialization in particular subjects based on the choice of field a student has made.

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Parameters to judge

Career Advancement

After pursuing a graduation in a proper discipline and then earning good experience, doing an MBA can be a step forward towards career advancement. As for example an engineer can take his or her career to a new level by adding an MBA. The technical knowledge and the understanding of the market can be a winning combination.

Lead the Team

After pursuing an MBA you might be leading the team where you had worked for several years. You get a competitive edge over the other employees due to your extra special knowledge of the business parameters.

Sharpens your Skills- More Job security

The better the degrees you hold the more secure your job is. In fact the opportunities will also increase as you add more years in your experience. As for example marketing personnel can not only enhance his career after pursuing MBA but fortify his position in the team for good.

Multiple opportunities

The advent of technology and different new business grounds has made the door of opportunities wide open. Fields like brand management, e-commerce, mobile telecommunications, information technology, etc are new ones where a prospective career can be pursued after doping an MBA.

Network growth

When you indulge to pursue an MBA it is obvious that you will make a new group of friends and enhance your network a little wider. This also increases the opportunities in the future.

MBA for Startup 

The theoretical knowledge imparted by an MBA program gives an aspiring entrepreneur the basic idea of the parameters of business and the environment of the market. Based on the knowledge gained beforehand he or she can take good decisions and make remarkable business plans. Learning about strategies and various examples, the entrepreneur is less likely to fail in his venture. Did I forget to tell you that an MBA from top IIM makes it easier for your startup to get funded.

In a nut shell : MBA – To do or not to do ?

It is all about perspective a person is having. Being versatile and multi functional means you are safe in the firing zone. Employers tend to keep those who deserve the most and perform the best. Adding an MBA to the resume can be very promising for many professions. But before indulging in one it is better to do a proper homework and collect information regarding the future prospects. Judging the platform where you are standing and the one that MBA can get you, take the proper decision and follow your instincts.

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