Story of Eike Batista: How Brazil’s Richest Man Lost 35 Billion USD in One year

A boy who was barely 24, already kissed his first success- a whopping six billion dollar fortune. Eike Batista born to businessman  Eliezer Batista da Silva was a boy headstrong for success yet ready to face all the hurdles. Due to his father’s professional life, he and his family moved to Germany  from his homeland Brazil..  A metallurgical engineer student  from the University of Aachen,  he pursued  a career in  trading business. He was particularly selling insurances as a salesman in every neighborhood.  But it expanded his vision which ultimately make him to found his own gold firm Autram Aurem in Brazil.

Eike batista story

Career boost

He reached so magnanimously in the success of ladder , two years before his ‘historic fall’, he predicted that he would be ranked as the world’s richest man. Of course challenging the Mexican baron Carlos Slim Helu, the world’s currently richest person. So it was all a silver soon era for him from the eras of 80’s till the millennium era, 2000.The first entrepreneurial intuition and success was when he traded the alluvial bullion in the Amazon region in his native place Brazil.  This lead to the establishment of EBX group, thus ultimately making him the CEO of the company.

Life behind the paparazzi

Eike happened to be in nuptial knot with a former Playboy magazine model. The marriage lasted approximately 13 years. All his life he remained passionate about water sports particularly boat racing. He met his future wife and a party adept with her later as he was already engaged to marry someone.

The fall of the great empire

Eike Bastista when he became the world’s eight richest men alive, his promise to himself and of course to the whole world, that he would be soon replaced Carlos Slim , the world’s richest person by his oil company sank to the sea bed and he has no more gas supply even to himself. Batista’s empire has such a downfall that it went negative, for up to 99% of his empire sank in 2012.Even ten years would not suffice for him to see his empire to rise up its own feet.

When Batista had the time and money as his own, as the king of his empire, the contemporary rulers like Schlumberger Group , another big oil and natural gas companies, everyone yearned for a collaboration with Batista. Ex mining and energy empire were surfacing out, it materializes to such an extent that the company soars high in the stock market of Sao Paulo. He was an emerging image of Brazil, sort of representing his country whenever the paparazzi decided to peep into Brazil’s business world. People crazily followed him, ever where tweeter, Facebook , blogs anywhere!!

But then no one has the insight slightest insight that the company would fall, would have such a great feel. But then the fall was momentous given the fact that Batista was himself a brand.. It was 30th of October, the OGX company, Batista’s marked company , the company was subjected to bankruptcy. A company whose worth was not 35 billion dollars, ended up in 2012 sharing its shares not even a dollar per share. It crumbled so badly. those companies who invested in his horses, especially the overseas investors, they claimed most of his sectors like the energy companies as well mining.. The  entire value of Batista’s company, his name image anything which turned to money for him ended up in fatal inevitable dust.

It is not that one may perceive of Batista’s image as negative or manipulative or the government officials has attracted him to overseas capitals. He didn’t happen to be a fraud bond trader, never intended to fraud the markets, but the main plethora of hurdles lied in the way the governance operated. The breakdown  of its corporate maintenance and domination  was crumbling. It was eroding without any monetary support .

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