Tips to handle New Job Nerves

Starting a new job is always an exciting but nerve wrecking process. You have to enter an environment where you do not know a lot of people and do not know the routines, rules or habits of your colleagues either. Each office space has its own unique work etiquette and the workers there spend enough time with each other on a daily basis to form a close unit. When you first start on a job it is natural to feel like an outsider. It is also natural to feel extremely nervous and even scared. In such situations there are some simple tips you can use in order to keep your nerves under control.

Tell yourself to relax


A pep talk is always motivating. And no pep talk will ever be as effective as the pep talk you can give to yourself. Keep telling yourself to relax and to not worry too much. Worrying a lot tends to make people inefficient in their work. It is important that you stay calm and focused. Keep minute attention to detail and try to do all your work extremely efficiently. And more importantly keep reminding yourself that you are allowed to make mistakes. You are after all new and no one expects you to learn all the names and the rules instantly. You can try taking deep calming breaths when you feel nervous or even close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes in order to calm your nerves. Your biggest hurdle and enemy is being nervous so just keep telling yourself to relax.

Do not try to be something you are not

A common mistake that most people make on their first day at any job is to try to be something they are not. They might try to be more efficient or sincere than they are, rushing to complete task before time, giving too many suggestions, asking too many questions, etc. It is important to remember that you got the job because the people at the company were already impressed by you. You do not need to try overtly hard to impress anyone. Just be yourself and work sincerely. Otherwise people will be able to detect your fakeness.

Conduct yourself in the proper manner

You will probably be working at the job where you have started or will be starting for quite some time. You will need to spend quite some time with the people in the office. Hence it is important to ensure that you make a good first impression on your colleagues and bosses. Try to be well-dressed and clean at all times. Be neat in your work. It is also important to be very well-mannered. Speak softly and politely with everyone at the office. This great first impression you make will help you in your work immensely in the future.


It is only natural to feel nervous when you first start out in a new job. It is important not to let the nerves overwhelm you and instead use your nervous energy to gain success at work.

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